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the South Pacific Islands

Learn About the South Pacific Islands

South Pacific Islands are blessed with so much beauty and a trip here will make you feel like you're in a corner of paradise. From sensational atolls, impressive coral reefs, active volcanoes, black, white and green beaches, to rich vegetation and crystal clear water in dozens of shades of blue-turquoise, the South Pacific Islands offers the ideal holiday in the perfect place.

Traveling in the South Pacific Islands

The South Pacific Islands are blessed with so much beauty, a trip here will make you feel like you're in a corner of paradise. From sensational atolls, impressive coral reefs, active volcanoes, black, white and green beaches, to rich vegetation and crystal clear water in dozens of shades of turquoise-blue, the South Pacific Islands offer the ideal holiday in the perfect climate.

Fiji is one of the best rated destinations in the South Pacific. Due to its ethnic and religious diversity, but also history, the culture of the country is rather a mixture of local traditions, Indian and European, and this is one of the reasons why tourists who are passionate about special experiences are always choosing Fiji. Besides the 322 islands composing Fiji, in the area there are over 500 islands, but the rest are very small and uninhabited. You will have the opportunity, along with a guide, to explore such an island, eat fresh fruits and even learn to fish with improvised tools, or to sail aboard a modern boat through the islands. Such trips are preferred especially by couples, being so romantic.


The pregnant feeling of those who visit the Cook Islands is relocation, the loss of contact with the material world, becoming lost in another realm, even though the islands are in the proximity of New Zealand. The black-blue ocean is extending in the white sand, which blends with the water like a touch of mint on the shore, so you almost want to taste it. Add to this the turquoise lagoon and the scenery is breathtaking.

Cook Islands
Penrhyn, Cook Islands

Samoa is the tropical paradise of the Pacific, unpopulated and modest in financial terms. The markets of Apia, Samoa’s capital, give an introduction to everyday life. Fou is the largest market, being the place where you can buyh the finest souvenirs and eat the best food ever! The beaches are of rare beauty, the spotless sand stretching whole kilometers, merging with the sweeping rocks that come out of the turquoise sea. You can swim in the fresh waterfalls of Falefa, Fogaafu, Papase or in the pool formed in Puila cave, or you can rent boats for fishing and diving.


The big island of Hawaii is absolutely spectacular in terms of nature. Here, you will find it all... threatening volcanoes and glowing waterfalls, black lava deserts, snowy mountain peaks, tropical forests and alpine meadows, a glacial lake and miles of sandy black, gold and even green beaches. A part of the island is black as coal, and the other is full of lush green vegetation. The scenery is outstanding. The seawater is quiet and the underwater caves are home to a rich marine life. The west coast is ideal for fishing, diving and water sports.

Hawaii, life is beautiful
Map of South Pacific Islands

Vanuatu is blessed with lush tropical forests that can be seen on all islands. Here is the home of the giant banian, an Indian fig tree with a rich and very high crown. There are over 150 species of orchids and some 250 varieties of fern. The beaches of rare beauty and laced cliffs are watered by the clear waters full of colorful fish and corals. The travelers from around the world come to the Epi Island to swim with the playful dugongs.


If you enjoy active relaxation in the midst of an incredible natural landscape, you will definitely want to arrive in The Kingdom of Tonga! This small but wonderful island hidden in the vast waters of the Pacific Ocean is a surprise with its brilliant beaches, warm and generous people and everything related to the environment reaching a high level of perfection. The coral reefs found here are among the most beautiful in the world. On these islands of volcanic formation can be found several species of hibiscus and orchids, offering a special ambience. Tonga has more than 30 species of exotic birds, from parrots, pigeons, herons, wild ducks and frigates. At the same time, the underwater life is marvelous, from the hundreds of species of fish to sharks, representing a special attraction for lovers of diving.

Tongan People and Culture

New Caledonia... Why do we dream about it? Because it is on the other end of the planet, is the largest lagoon in the world, with endless beaches, breathtaking landscapes: a croissant shaped island, where we find the water in all shades of blue ... plus, it has a culture full of mysteries! New Caledonia is an excellent destination for snorkeling and scuba diving enthusiasts, enjoying a multitude of restaurants located on the pristine sand, where you can taste the most delicious and healthy dishes. A romantic destination with French flair and striking pure nature... well, this is New Caledonia!

New Caledonia
Isle of Pines, New Caledonia

The Solomon Islands have behind it a striking ancient Melanesian culture, where the turbulences and conflicts of the past are nowadays gone, replaced by extraordinarily unique atolls, pristine beaches, playful dolphins and an exuberant scenery offered by thousands of orchids and still active volcanoes. Whether you choose to enjoy the spectacular waterfalls, hidden lagoons, scuba diving, or simply bathe in the unreal water, the Solomon Islands offer a unique experience, filled with heavenly landscapes.

Solomon Islands
The Solomon Islanders are a shy but friendly people who
will make the visitor to their Islands feel most welcome.

French Polynesia is a colossal experience, living in the South Pacific culture, being accommodated in one of the overwater bungalows, bathing you not only in luxury but in crystal clear water too, surrounded by palm trees, volcanoes and lush vegetation. The French influences left their mark in the absolutely spectacular cuisine that enhances your visit ton French Polynesia, along with a glass of European quality wine.

French Polynesia
Polynesian Dancers

Niue Island is the perfect location for those seeking peace and those who want to make a break from daily routine. Here, the tourists are not in large numbers, there is just enough accommodation on this special island. You have big opportunities to swim - either alone or with someone accompanying you - in one of the incredible caves and blue lagoons.

Niue Island
Niue Island

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