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Solo Travel Tips That Could Boost Your Travel Experience (And Aren’t Lame)

Don’t let the lack of a companion keep you home. There’s no reason to miss out on a vacation because you don’t have a travel partner. 

No matter why you’re faced with the choice of travelling alone, you shouldn’t be afraid to do it because we promise it’s a wonderful experience. However, it’s only natural for you to ask questions like, “What if you’ll have no one to have fun with? What if you get sick? What if the flight company loses your luggage?” This article will help you put these fears at bay and provide some recommendations to help you have a great solo travel experience.

Solo Travel Tips

Why should you consider a solo trip

If you have doubts if you should travel alone, there are several reasons to book that flight and hotel room. When you travel solo, you have complete control and freedom over picking the destination, booking the accommodation, deciding how long you want to spend on the road, and what transportation means you prefer. You decide what you want to do the entire time. 

Do you want to get to bed late at night and sleep until the afternoon? You can do it because no one else can tell you otherwise. Want to join a party on the beach and then have breakfast at a local restaurant? You can also do it. Love bookstores? Spend all day exploring the bookstores in the city you visit and buy how many books you want (or how many you afford). Hate classy restaurants? Skip eating at a restaurant completely and indulge in local pubs. 

Long story short: when you travel solo, you can do anything you want because there’s no one else to tell you what to do. 

Another reason we recommend travelling alone is that it’s a great opportunity to meet new people as you’re more open to communicating with the locals. You’ll soon find that being the lone foreigner at a bar can quickly lead to conversations with locals or other tourists. 

Last but not least, it shouldn’t surprise you that solo trips are more affordable. You don’t split the accommodation bill, but you also don’t have as many expenses as when travelling with a partner. Suppose you’re flexible about when you want to travel; you’ll save greatly. 

Tips for boosting your travel experience

Even if your first solo trip isn’t without hiccups, it will definitely be an empowering experience. Going solo could become your favourite kind of vacation if you nail it the first time, and the following recommendations should help you make the most of it. 

Pack light

Less is always more when travelling, whether you’re alone or have a companion. The last thing you want is to overpack and struggle to carry your luggage from the airport to your accommodation, or worse, from one place to another if you’re touring several destinations. A school-sized backpack is enough luggage if you travel alone for less than a month because you don’t have to carry your entire home on your back. You’re not a turtle. 

Here are some tips to help you pack light:

  • Get only basic staples that you can mix and match with each other
  • Don’t pack different outfits for different occasions
  • Wash your clothes at laundromats or washing machines at your accommodation
  • Get a backpack with multiple zippered compartments
  • Don’t bring any expensive tech

Quite often, you may need to check out of a hotel or hostel early in the day, but you aren't catching your train or plane until that evening. That menas you may need to carry your luggage about with you all day. Well, instead of doing this, you should make use of luggage storage such as these lockers Atocha Train Station. Doing this can give you so much more freedom; you will enjoy it a lot more than having to keep an eye on your luggage all day.

Choose the accommodation keeping your preferences in mind

Your choice of accommodation is a big part of your solo trip, so weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each option to pick the best for you. Before booking accommodation, decide if you’re more introverted or prefer a lively atmosphere. Do you want to cook your meals or eat locally? Let’s discuss a little about the most popular accommodation solutions. 

  • Hostels are ideal if you want to meet other travellers because they’re fun and relaxed settings. They usually come with kitchen facilities but are quite noisy. 
  • Hotels provide you with quieter and more privacy but are more expensive and don’t encourage networking with other people. 
  • AIRBNB offers a homey feeling and is more affordable than hotels, making meeting new people even more challenging. 

Be open to meeting new people

This piece of advice will come up time and time again if you’re travelling solo because it’s the perfect opportunity to network and meet new people. Book a homestay in a hostel to connect with the other residents. You’ll most likely find someone to go out with and spend some quality time. Solo travellers usually prefer hostels because they allow them to meet other people who share their hobbies, and they can explore the cities together. However, if you prefer to stay at a hotel or AIRBNB, you can still meet new people if you go out and socialise with the locals. Or you can use a platform to connect with local escorts who know the city and could provide you with a glimpse at some hidden places only the locals know. Joining a travelling group can also enable you to meet new people. 

Find more about the local customs and culture

Research the place you’re about to visit to avoid having a culture shock when arriving. Each country has its unique culture, and finding out more about it can keep you out of trouble. Here are some things to check:

  • Local attires for men and women
  • Norms and greeting
  • Religious customs
  • Local laws surrounding taking photos in public, drinking in public, etc. 

Join local events

Each place provides access to plenty of activities to help you connect with the local culture and facilitate connections. The best way to meet new people and learn more about a place is to join local events (day trips, pub events, walking tours). 

Hit the road solo

Don’t be afraid to leave home alone. Pack the essentials, book accommodation, and dive into this amazing experience. We promise, you won’t regret it.

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