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Smartphone Use on Vacation

55% of traveling Americans agreed they feel pressure to respond to work-related emails and messages on vacation. And it’s even if the employer doesn’t require it! It doesn’t sound like a work-life balance, right?

The team at Passport Photo Online surveyed 1,000+ Americans about their smartphone use on vacation. 

To be honest, the results are alarming:

  • 71% of Americans on vacation check their phones 32 - 80 times per day. But 10% of respondents admitted they do it about 160 times a day.

  • Nearly 60% of US workers say their bosses expect them to stay connected while on vacation.

  • For 46% of vacationing Americans, making friends jealous is one of the main reasons they use social media.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Learn more below about how the smartphone is affecting the quality of life of American people, and almost certainly many other nationalities... even on vacation!

Smartphone Use on Vacation
Smartphone Use on Vacation
Smartphone Use on Vacation
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