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Shipping Cars To Namibia, South Africa

Before Move Abroad

It can be difficult to relocate. You need to learn how to move your car abroad and what the best cost is. You need to consider a list of international laws that must be followed when you move to Africa, particularly to Namibia.

Anyone wishing to export vehicles to Namibia must follow certain regulations. These regulations are intended to ensure the vehicle's safety and legality. Although complicated and time-consuming, Namibian regulations for shipping automobiles are simple and straightforward. You can export your vehicle to Namibia as long as you have all the required paperwork and the required documents.

Popular Shipping Destinations

  • Katima Mulilo
  • Oshakati
  • Otjiwarongo
  • Rundu
  • Swakopmund
  • Walvis Bay
  • Windhoek

Namibia Vehicle Shipping Documents

  • Original Bill of Lading
  • 4 copies of import permits
  • Passport
  • Register Papers
  • Invoice
  • NA 304 forms and P1.160 forms (3 duplicates)

International Car Shipping: Laws and Permits

Before you ship your vehicle, make sure that you have an import permit. The permit and all other documentation must be presented together with your passport to the customs official. This permits the official to verify that all documents are correct and allows them to make sure everything is in order. Your vehicle will only be released after the official from customs has reviewed your case. A Bill of Entry will be issued to you by customs when your vehicle is released. To obtain a motor vehicle licence, this legal document must be presented to customs.

Remember that you can make a provisional payment to release your vehicle if customs stamps take a while. The provisional payment usually covers 20% of duties and 16.5% taxes. Once the situation is corrected, this payment will be refunded.

One vehicle per family can be imported duty-free. A 15% tax will be charged on this vehicle. The vehicle must be kept in your possession for a maximum of 2 years after it is imported. Temporary residents are exempt from the requirement of an import permit. This category applies to vehicles that are reexported within one year. You will need to decide how you want your vehicle shipped when you export it. Roll on Roll is where you drive your vehicle to the cargo ship, and then you drive it off. This export is only for your vehicle. You can also ship by container. This allows you to pack other items with your car, and then ship them in an enclosed container to Namibia.

US Ports for Transfer

You can ship your vehicle from 3 ports to Namibia. These ports are in New York, Los Angeles, and Savannah. This is important to remember when you decide how and when to ship your car. You will need to pay both local shipping costs and international shipping. The regulations in the USA and outside of it differ, and they will vary depending on where you're shipping your vehicle. For any questions regarding exporting your vehicle, contact the Embassy. You should be aware that regulations change frequently and you need to be able to ship your vehicle legally and properly.

Shipping Costs - What Are the Average Shipping Prices?

South Africa is a very expensive place to ship a car. Namibia is no exception.

The average cost of shipping vehicles from the U.S. to the region is between $3,000 to $7,000.

*Times and prices are estimates. They may vary depending on the vehicle and season.

How to Choose the Best Overseas Shipping Method

There are four international transportation services available to customers. We will tell you what options you have based on your preferences, budget, and cargo type when you call us to schedule your Namibia shipping. Below is some information about each of the transport options we offer.

RoRo Shipping - This is the most popular open air shipping service offered by us. This requires that your vehicle or equipment can drive on the water vessel using a ramp. Roro is the best and affordable option for car shipping to south africa.

LoLo Shipping - This open-air service is primarily for those with inoperable cars, construction equipment, or crated cargo. LoLo ships are lifted by cranes that carefully transport your cargo.

Flat Rack Shipping - This open air shipping method attaches your cargo carefully to a metal rack, before it is placed on the boat to travel to Namibia.

Container Shipping- This is the most expensive shipping option, but it offers the best protection because it is enclosed. This option is for heavy cargo that fits into a 40ft container.

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