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How to Save Money on Vacation

Everyone could use a vacation, whether you're working the nine to five, or working from home. Unfortunately, traveling is one of the priciest things you can do. With hotels, food, plane travel, not to mention the time you have to take off work- a vacation can easily break the bank. Fortunately, if you take the right steps and keep an eye on your budget, you won't have to worry about going home broke.

The following are some excellent tips on how to save money while enjoying your vacation...

Don’t Travel Internationally, But if You Have To - Check Exchange Rates

Traveling outside of the country means you can't save much money by driving or flying (unless you're close to this country), but you can save money by the currency they use. A reasonable exchange rate could mean your dollar goes a lot further.

If you travel to Mexico, from the USA, for example - you’ll find food more affordable, as well as lodging and travel. Vacationing from Chicago to Tijuana is more affordable than going from Chicago to Florida in some cases. Shop around, look at prices, and be sure to compare flights and lodging.

Set Price Alerts and Go Incognito

Setting price alerts may seem complicated at first, but there are dozens of guides on how to do it on whatever site or search engine you want to use. Set your price drop alerts to around 20% to ensure you don't get spammed into buying and can wait until there's a big deal.

It's also vital that you go incognito when shopping for travel online. A lot of airlines and hotels track cookies on their sites that will let them know if you've visited more than once. Paying attention to your movements on their website can let them hike up the price gradually since they're more confident in being able to spook you into a panic-buy.

Erase your cookies, or use incognito mode, and watch as prices drop away from what they were showing up as. You deserve better than to be overcharged by this trickery.

Also, consider changing locations for vacation from the classic go-to spots. Arlington real estate lies in that area of Virginia picking up in affordability, even though the city isn't one people might usually consider.

Try To Cook For Yourself

If the price is within reason, a lot of places will let you rent rooms that have a small kitchenette in them. Buying groceries and cooking for yourself, for most meals, is cheaper than having to eat at a restaurant every mealtime.

You can still eat out! Part of enjoying a vacation is the incredible food you can enjoy- limit yourself on how often you eat out and how much you spend. Cooking breakfast and lunch for yourself, and just eating out for dinner, can dramatically drop your spending- especially if you’re traveling with other people.

The most vital thing to do is shop around for deals and price changes. A lot of vacations can become more affordable if you spend a couple of minutes, or hours, planning.

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