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Product Recommendation: Sandman’s New Europe Tours

As a poor college student, I tried to look for deals everywhere around Europe, trying to get the best bang for my buck, if you will. One thing I took advantage of most of Sandman’s New Europe tours. These walking tours are offered in thirteen locations across Europe and are offered FREE! The cities that offer this awesome deal include:

  • Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Brussels, Belgium
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Hamburg, Germany
  • Jerusalem, Israel
  • London, England
  • Madrid, Spain
  • Munich, Germany
  • Paris, France
  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Tel Aviv, Israel

From what I experienced, most of the tour guides were in their middle twenties and were very passionate about travel and sharing their knowledge with others. The free tours are usually about three hours long and guide you through the hotspots of the city. They really want to show tourists the culture and history firsthand.

For each city, there are two or three times that tours start; usually one in the morning, early afternoon, and sometimes later afternoon. There are various pickup points around the city where there is typically a sign of display. One great thing about these tours is that you do not have to worry about making any kind of reservations--just show up at the meeting spot and wait for your guide! I would suggest getting there about ten minutes early to mingle with other people who are going on the tour, and also to make sure you do not miss the pickup! Click to explore the world for new Munich walking tours.

Although the tours are advertised as being free, the tour guides have to make money somehow! At the end of each tour, the guide will wrap it up and give you tips on other places you should check out that were not included on the tour. Then he or she will say tips are more than welcome. I found that people would usually give about 5 Euros each--if the group was large, the guide makes a pretty decent amount! Once you experience how much you really see during the walking tour, the few Euros will definitely be worth it!

In addition to the free tours, Sandman’s New Europe also offers paid tours. The paid ones are more focused on various interests and are not offered every day. Booking ahead of time is also smart when it comes to these tours. A few examples in Berlin include the Eco-City tour, a bike tour, the Alternative city tour, etc. Most all of the cities also have a pub crawl tour available every night. It costs roughly twelve Euros (in addition to what you buy while you are out). Guides lead you through the city and show you the best places to go for nightlife.

If you are traveling and do not want to empty your wallet, be sure to check out New Europe for tours in the most popular cities. They have something for all budgets!

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