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10 Important Safety Tips For Solo Travel

Whether you are new to traveling alone or an experienced pro, traveling solo can be intimidating. Solo travel is rewarding in many ways, but you need to take precautions to make sure that you are safe while traveling alone. These 10 important safety tips for solo travel will help you to have an amazing travel experience.

1. Book Accommodations 

Particularly if you are new to traveling by yourself it's a good idea to book your accommodations in advance. While it may take a bit of the spontaneity out of your trip it will also ease your mind. Make sure to read reviews before you book a hotel, hostel, or vacation rental to make sure it’s in a safe area. 

2. Research Your Destination 

Research is a solo traveler's best friend! Not only does research provide you with a better understanding of local customs and laws, but it can help you adjust quickly upon arrival. Understanding city transit is important and research can help you to figure out how safe it is to use public transportation at your destination.

3. Pack Light And Only What You Need

Solo travel means you need to handle your luggage on your own. You don’t want to be carting around a full size suitcase, carry on, and a backpack by yourself. It's best to try to pack as light as possible. A great way to downsize is to pack roughly half of what you think you will need.

4. Blend In 

Blending in is pretty easy, simply walk and talk with confidence. Don’t make it obvious you’re an unsure tourist by getting lost in your map or walking with your head down. And try to dress like the locals to avoid scam artists and unwanted attention.

5. Stay Connected 

Solo travel will help you to become more independent, however, you need to stay connected. Communicate your plans for the entire trip and a daily break down with friends and family at home. These precautions will help both you and your loved ones feel better about your safety. 

6. Have A Backup Plan 

Having a backup plan is essential to your safety. Always carry the business card of your accommodations with you in case you get lost. Make copies of your passport, credit cards, birth certificate, and drivers license before you leave for your trip. Don’t put all of your electronics into one bag while traveling solo and try to keep money, passports, and credit cards in separate places. 

7. Limit Travel Late At Night 

One downside to solo travel is that for safety it’s best to limit your travel to daylight hours. If you do go out at night, secure a safe mode of transportation home and try to stay in well-lit and populated areas.

8. Get Out And Explore 

Traveling alone can be intimidating and you may find yourself wanting to stay in your hotel room, but don’t do that. Get out and explore by taking a stroll down a main street, hiking a trail, or hopping on a train. 

9. Talk To Strangers 

One of the best parts of solo travel is meeting strangers. You’ll meet so many new and interesting people while traveling solo. Interact with locals and fellow travelers but trust your gut if you get a bad feeling about someone. 

10. Hire A Local Guide 

For a true glimpse into local culture and lifestyle, hire a local guide. Whether it’s a solo venture or a small group, hiring a local will give you a more authentic travel experience. Some great options are photo and food tours. 

11. Secure Your Passport

When traveling solo it is important to secure your passport if your passport is expiring with 6 months you should renew your passport prior to traveling. 

Traveling solo is an amazing experience but it’s important to do what's necessary to remain safe. As you consider all of these safety tips, remember that first and foremost you should enjoy yourself. If you follow these 10 safety tips for solo travel you are sure to have a great adventure. 

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