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Why Rome Should Be on Everyone’s Bucket List

Rome’s allure as the Eternal city attracts millions of tourists from all over the globe yearly. It’s known to be perfect European city break – especially for couples. Rome has rich culture, architecture, food, fashion, but most importantly history. Not to mention a perfect mixture of romance, religion and art. When you’re in Rome there are lots of things you can see and do. We reccomend a tours in Rome to enlighten you to the wonders of the city, with an expert local guide. In Rome there is a lot to discover and explore. Here are 6 things that you certainly have to enjoy when you’re in Rome!

The Colosseum

There are few places in the world as striking at the Colosseum in Rome. The spectacular ancient stadium is nearly 2000 years. The Colosseum was home to the taboo culture of Gladiatorial combat and wild beast fights. Estimates deduce that upto 80,000 Roman citizens were able to attend the games. Usually the games were given by the emperors for free to the people as an act of generosity. Nothing in life is free though. It was an important political gesture which showed the attributes of a good emperor and also won favor with the people.

Roman Forum and Via Dei Fori Imperiali

This is the place where ancient Rome grew from nearly 2700 years ago. Over time it became the headquarters of Imperial Rome. As you walk through the street you can see remains of temples for the divinities, markets, and the emperor’s forums. The forums were crucial to everyday life and in modern cities we call them squares. In the forum it’s possible to visit the temple of Julius Caesar, the house of the vestal virgins, and even admire the original brickwork of the senate house. Roman architecture was built to last. This is the best place to envisage what ancient Rome was really like. If you want to really discover all the important information about ancient Rome then take a guided tour. Otherwise, just explore the place casually.

Barcaccia Fountain

The fountain called Barcaccia is another marvel to see. Although it’s not the most famous fountain in Rome it is definitely one of the most beautiful. Competition for fountains in Rome is particularly high – there are over 2000 fountains in Rome. The Barcaccia is one of Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s masterpieces and was made during Rome’s baroque period. The fountain sits at the bottom of stairs known as Spanish steps. These 132 steps lead from the Spanish square below to the church at the top Trinita Dei Monti. The location has hosted many fashion shows and has gained international fame. At the top of the steps you can admire views on Rome’s top famous fashion street Via Frattina. In close vicinity, there is the Keats-Shelley House, the place where John Keats spent his last days of life. You will also find the Babington’s Tea House 1893 if you’re would like to enjoy a refreshment in the area.

Roman Street Food

Rome is the home of pizza, pasta and gelato. Prepare to be blown away by quality food everywhere. From the average street vendor to the posh restaurants: Rome is full of good food. Street food is a custom of Rome’s culinary traditions. There are lots of shops which serves pizza ai taglio – or pizza by the slice. In these pizzeria’s you pay for pizza by weight and there are often lots of varieties of flavours to try. Ice-cream known as gelato is a specialty of Rome that must be tried. One of the cities most reputable gelateria’s is Fatamorgana, they have stores in most areas of Rome. The Romans usually have these items casually while walking in the street so these two can be categorized as Roman Street Food.


The Pantheon, like Colosseum, is very dear to the Romans. The buildings purpose in the ancient times is still unknown, but it became a Christian church in the 7th Century. Since it’s a church there isn’t an entrance fee but you must respect the dress code when you visit: cover your shoulders and knees. Historians think that this was a temple in the ancient period and it was dedicated to all of the ancient deities. Pantheon is a Greek word which means all of the gods. Due to its well-preserved condition it is the best glimpse that we have of great Roman architecture in its prime. Many royal figures of Italy are buried inside the Pantheon, and even the famous Renaissance artist Rafaello.

Vatican Museum

The Vatican museums is one of the world most prestigious museums collections. There is so much to see inside the museums which amount to over 2000 rooms. One of the highlights would be the Sistine Chapel and its famous frescoes by Michelangelo: the last judgement. The last judgement represents scenes and figures from Genesis. It’s renowned especially for the tense and twisting shapes of the human form. After visiting the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel you can explore St. Peters Basilica. Adventurous travelers can even climb the steps to the top of the dome to witness panoramic views of the city.

Visting Rome

These are only a handful of the attractions of Rome which are worth visiting. The hard choice is deciding what to see and how to see it. In a city with a history as rich as Rome’s it is worth taking guided tours. The best tours in Rome help you skip the line and discover the stories which will enrich your experience. Want to read more about Rome before you visit? Discover the 50 best facts about Rome to peak your interest for your trip!

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