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There are still places where times seems to have another notion, with villages where life seems to continue its rhythm for centuries. One of these destinations is Romania, the last secret of Europe.

A country overlooked by travelers for decades, but now in the spotlight due to its uniqueness, combining the stunning scenery of the Carpathians with some of the last wildlife habitats on the continent, the fascinating traditional culture and the medieval towns that still have soul, the idyllic Danube Delta with the painted monasteries and everything in between. Romania is a country of contrasts which seems to be stuck forever between the charming traditionalism and the industrial development, nevertheless one of the most inspiring destinations in the world.

Traveling in Romania

Among the best things to see and do in Romania, most tourists arrive in Bucharest and although it isn't perceived as one of the biggest capitals of Europe, it offers an amazing experience, a mix of Parisian elegance and Balkan charm. It is a great destination for cultural and entertainment visits, with cheap accommodation and dining, great life in the Old Town and the imposing House of Parliament. Among its other highlights, the History Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Art Museum, the Village Museum, the Athenaeum, Victory Street and many other make for an inciting visit.

Typical Saxon Village in the countryside of Transylvania, Romania.

There are many other beautiful and interesting cities and towns to visit in Romania, including magical places like Sibiu, Brasov, Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca, Targu-Jiu and Constanta.

Throughout the diverse lands of Romania, there are further inspiring attractions, beginning with the unbelievable orthodox monasteries of Bucovina and northern Oltenita, the wooden churches of Maramures, the exceptional Bran or Hunedoara Castle, the fortified churches of Transylvania and many others.

Beyond the cities, the rural area of Romania is simply fascinating, with traditional customs and wonderful scenery. The true magnificence of the destination can best be felt by exploring the countryside, beginning with the awesome Carpathian Mountains, with some of the wildest and most beautiful landscapes, canyons and caves, tall peaks and glacial lakes, places where human touch has yet to be felt. There are hundreds of hiking paths and routes across these mountains, hundreds of opportunities to be amazed and inspired. The Danube Delta, the Mamaia resort on the Romanian Black Sea Riviera, the endless plains and other highlights make up a unique and enchanting destination.

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Map of Romania
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