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Role Of Portugal Golden Visa For the Family Reunification

The Portugal golden visa program, well known as the residential permit for investment activity, gives non-European nationals the best chance to obtain residency in Portugal through investment. One of the main advantages of the program is the ability to unite with family members, making it an appealing choice for investors looking to bring their loved ones to Europe. This article looks at the family reunification aspects of the Portugal golden visa.

The family reunification permits golden visa holders to involve family members in their residential application, allowing them to work, live, and study in Portugal. This realm is created to unite families and advance residents in being the Europe of the European Unionigible Family Members.

In the Portugal golden visa program, the family member can be involved in the application:

  1. Involve the legally married spouses in the get-apartment together. 
  2. Children at least the age of 18 who are eligible, have a clear criminal record, and are enrolled in education can also be involved.
  3. Parents of the candidate or their partner, provided they are dependent and over 65. In some situations, dependent parents might also qualify.
  4. If legally under their guardianship, juvenile siblings of the primary candidate or their spouse.

What is the Application Process for Family Members?

  1. The candidate should first apply for and obtain a golden visa. In the initial step in citizenship by investment countries application, they can show their intention to involve family members.
  2. The candidate must gather various documents, including evidence of family relationships, such as a marriage or birth certificate and proof of adult children and parents.
  3. Family members' applications can be presented with the principal candidate renewal applications. Family members should fill out the application form requirements and provide biometric information.
  4. Once submitted, the application undergoes the review procedure; upon approval, family members receive their residential cards, which permit them the same rights as the primary golden visa holder.

Advantages for Family Members

Family members involved in the golden visa application enjoy the different pros

  1. You have residential rights
  2. You can work or live 
  3. You have medical facilities 
  4. You have a way for nationality 

PR (Permanent Residency) And Renewal 

The initial golden visa is reliable for 2 years, after which it can be renovated for 2 years. Family residential grants are connected to the primary candidate allowance and must be renovated.

After 5 years of temporary residency, both the candidate and their family member can apply for the PR. After 6 years, they might be eligible to apply for citizenship by investment Portugal nationality, which has some terms and conditions like language proficiency and collaboration with the Portuguese community.


Family reunification under the Portugal Golden Visa program becomes more attractive by permitting investors to bring their close family members along on their adventure to Portugal.

The program supports the personal and social realm and participates in more genuine families in the new realm. Knowing the eligibility requirements, application procedure, and advantages, investors can make wise decisions to ensure their family can enjoy the benefits of living in Portugal.

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