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What are the Requirements of 485 Visa Extension?
– Complete Checklist

485 Visa Extension

If your 485 visa is going to expire but you want to stay longer in Australia then you can apply for a 485 visa extension. Upon finishing their studies, international students can live, study, and work in Australia with a Graduate Visa 485. A 485 visa is the most efficient way to get employment experience in Australia.

International students prefer Australia for its high-quality education system, better living standards and employment opportunities. A huge number of overseas students come to Australia for higher studies. Many students decide to stay in Australia after they’ve finished their studies.

For this purpose, the Australian Government offers a Temporary Graduate Visa. In this guide, you’ll get to know the possibilities of extending your visa 485. We’ll pen down the requirement checklist for a 485 visa in Australia.

Keep reading to find out about the 485 Visa and how you can extend it.

Temporary Graduate Visa

International graduates from Australian universities can apply for a temporary graduate visa. The visa is only valid for 18 months. If you’ve certain skills and qualifications that Australia needs, you can be eligible for a 485 Visa.

The visa is only valid for 18 months. You’ve to pay AUD 1,680 to lodge your 485 visa application.

You can also include your family members to your 485 visa application. Though, the cost of a 485 visa for main applicants doesn’t cover the family members. Family members will be charged separately.

Apply within Australia

In order to apply for Graduate Work stream 485, you must be in Australia. Though, you must not be in immigration clearance at the time of application.

In case you’ve been affected by the Covid-19 travel restrictions then you can apply for a 485 visa outside Australia. In some instances, Home Affairs may grant you this visa while overseas.

How long may I stay in Australia with a 485 Visa?

It’s a temporary Graduate Work Stream 485 for international students. You can stay in Australia up to 18 months with a Graduate Visa 485. You can stay for up to 5 years in Australia if you're a Hong Kong or British passport holder. However, the Australian Government has recently extended the stay period for 485 visa holders.

Australian visas granted from December 1, 2021 will now have a stay period of 24 months. This is a wonderful opportunity to study, live, and work in Australia. Most importantly, you can gain work experience during this period. With your work experience, you’ll be able to apply for skilled migration in Australia.

485 Visa Extension

The Australian Government is offering 485 visa extension to Temporary Graduate Visa holders affected by Covid-19. Up to 30,000, Graduate Visa holders in Australia have got their visa extended from February 18, 2022, until the 30th of September 2022.

Requirement Checklist for 485 Visa Extension

If you’ve met all the requirements on February 18, 2020, you can have your 485 visa extended until the 30th of September 2022.

To be eligible for this 485 visa extension, the primary visa holder must:

  • Have held a Temporary Graduate Visa on the 15th of December 2021 that has an expiry date before 30th September 2022.
  • Be in Australia at the time of the visa grant
  • Be outside Australia between February 1, 2020, and 14 December 2021 as a Temporary Graduate Visa holder
  • Your visa hasn’t been canceled since December 15, 2021.
  • You had not been granted a substantive visa since December 15, 2021

Processing time for Temporary Graduate Visa

The Department of Home Affairs takes a few months to finalize the Temporary Graduate 485 Visa applications in Australia.

It generally processes:

  • 25% of applications in 10 months
  • 50% of applications in 10 months
  • 75% of applications in 11 months
  • 90% of applications in 13 months

Your visa can be processed earlier if you meet all the requirements. As Home Affairs prioritizes visa applications that fulfill its eligibility criteria.

On the contrary side, your visa might take longer to process if you fail to meet the requirements set by Home Affairs. Therefore, it’s essential to double-check your visa application before you submit it.


The Australian Government has extended the stay period from 18 to 24 months for Temporary Graduate Visa holders. 485 visa extension is for people who’ve been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The Department of Home Affairs has set some requirements to get this 485 visa extension. Additionally, those affected by the Covid-19 are eligible to apply for and be granted a 485 visa while they're overseas.

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