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How Can You Reduce Your
Carbon Footprint When Travelling?

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Travelling is a door to an alternate life. A life we all crave to live and enjoy as it brings us closer to nature, remind us not to take anything for granted and see how beautiful our mother earth is. But on the other hand, the tourism and travel industry are some of the biggest contributors to global greenhouse gas emissions due to the need for the consumption of natural resources on an unprecedented scale. For any globally-minded person, travelling is always going to be a coin with two very different sides.

Tourism is one of the biggest contributors to the world’s economy and trade. Each year, millions of people travel to different regions via airplanes, trains, cruise ships, buses, cars, and motorbikes, and they leave behind a huge carbon footprint that is always going to enhance climate change or global warming.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Reducing carbon footprint

The global tourism industry is rapidly growing at a massive rate. Although it does boost up the economy of a certain region or a country and creates job opportunities, the consequences of this growth are far worse than we all can imagine. Glaciers are melting at an irreversible rate, and forests are shrinking to accommodate tourism needs. This is directly impacting on wildlife and ecology of a place, and although we don’t admit it, it is also directly impacting humanity. In order to curb greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental pollutants, travellers need to take responsibility by taking a massive cultural shift.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Although everyone is responsible to ensure the prosperity of our planet as we all are stakeholders. But being a traveller and admirer of nature, it should come first upon us to start making changes in order to reduce our own carbon footprints when travelling. How to do so? We are going to discuss different ways in this article. So read on and make sure you know and practice every little detail to save nature.

Reducing the amount spent on flights, hotels, and other travel aspects

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

This may seem very basic to all of us. But when we reduce the total cost of our travel, it may help us reduce the carbon footprint. If you book cheap flights tickets or find a holiday package they will hook you up with some other travellers, who may be like-minded people. This will enhance the awareness of reducing carbon footprint, and increasing awareness is the biggest and most basic way to reduce carbon footprint. Reducing the total cost of your ticket and hotel accommodation in different ways such as avoiding inflight meals, flying economy, refusing air conditioning in the hotel, travelling together in one single vehicle will result in a reduction of carbon emissions in one way or the other. It will also reduce the cost, which is what every traveller wants.

Take a more direct route to your destination

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

When you are going to your destination, it is imperative to take a more direct route. Most of the flights are connected via their hubs, and most of the train networks or even bus networks are established on transport models that require a lot of connection between destinations. It may be difficult to find a more direct route to your destination, but it isn’t impossible. Always try to find a direct route as it will massively reduce your carbon footprint. Search all your options and find the most suitable one for yourself.

Travel more in public transports

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Travelling more in public transportation is the key to reducing the carbon footprint. If you travel by train, the only carbon footprint will be from the locomotive’s fuel consumption. And if you are travelling on a public bus, the footprint will also be shared by other passengers. In this way, the emissions will be divided between every passenger. If you travel solo in a car or by air, the footprint will be huge on your part.

Rent hybrid cars or go completely electric

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

When you want to rent a car, go for a hybrid or a completely electric one. There are many automotive companies that are producing cars that are hybrid, or completely electric. Their rent may seem over too much, but it will be adjusted when you don’t have to make regular pit stops for fuel. If you are unable to find a hybrid or electric car, there are always going to be other options for fuel efficiency such as semi-hybrid cars, or public transportation.

Carry reusable stuff in your backpack

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Always carry reusable stuff or multi-purpose items in your backpack. Not only you will be saving a lot of space and weight, but you will also be saving the carbon emissions that were released during the production of that specific item. You also need to carry back all your rubbish and dispose of them off properly later.

Trek, bike, or hitchhike

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The best way to reduce carbon footprint and trip costs is to trek between destinations or use a bike to pedal around. A hike on a trekking trail will lead you through nature, where you can explore the beauty in a much better way. You can also hitchhike from one place to another in order to lower carbon emissions.

Take shorter Showers

Water treatment and transportation requires some form of energy. If you take long showers, you are enhancing your carbon footprint as more energy will require for treatment and transportation. Take a quick 5-minute shower instead of doing a whole show for any more time.

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