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5 Reasons to Retire in Henderson, Nevada

Have you been thinking about retiring somewhere warm in the Southwest United States, but just haven’t settled on the right place yet? While there are many options to consider, you might want to check out Henderson, NV, the city next to Las Vegas that strikes an ideal balance between living in the suburbs yet being close to the action in retirement.

Now the 2nd largest city in Nevada with over 300,000 residents, Henderson was originally a site back in the 1940s to produce magnesium for the war efforts. Later in 1953, Henderson was incorporated and today, stands as one of the best places to live in the U.S.

Your golden years should be filled with doing what you love and enjoying the finer things in life. From living in a great climate and getting lots of sunshine to buying the home of your dreams and having something fun to do every day, this article examines five reasons to retire in Henderson!

Plenty of Outdoor Activities

Getting outside is easy with so many parks, trails and nature reserves in the area. Henderson has more than 50 parks and 180 miles of linear walking and biking trails. To the southeast is the massive Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area which boasts hiking, scenic views and ancient petroglyphs. There are ten golf courses in Henderson where players of all skill levels can enjoy lush fairways and manicured greens cutting through the striking desert landscape.

Activities on dry land aren’t the only ones available when living in Henderson. There’s Lake Mead where you can go boating, swimming and fishing, just a short drive from the city. The reservoir created by the Hoover Dam is also a great spot for bikers and campers. Additionally, Lake Las Vegas, a 320-acre man-made lake with marina and fun watersport activities, is located on the eastside of the city.

Quality Real Estate Options

One of the reasons to retire in Henderson is that you can select from a variety of quality real estate options at all price points. Real estate in Henderson ranges from stunning luxury homes in the hills overlooking the Las Vegas Strip and master-planned community housing, to affordable condo units and modest residential neighborhoods. Put simply, there’s housing options for everyone in Henderson.

Average home prices in Henderson are around $400,000. However, this is an average and there are homes for sale below and above that price. For example, you can find condos in the $100,000 - $200,000 range. On the other end of the spectrum, there are mansions in gated communities selling for above $20 million. No matter what you’re searching for in your dream retirement home, you can find it here.

300 Days of Sunshine Each Year

Snowbirds love retiring in Henderson, thanks to the great year-round climate and 300+ days of sunshine each year! You won’t get much rain when living here, as it rains on average of just 19 days per year. The winters are mild with an average temperature in the high-60s, so you can get out on the golf course with only a long-sleeve or light jacket. The spring and fall seasons offer gorgeous, near-perfect weather: sunny and into the 70s and 80s with little-to-no humidity.

When talking about the weather, it’s only fair that the heat is addressed so you get a fair picture of what life is really like in Henderson. It’s true that during the summer months from June to September, it gets extremely hot in southern Nevada. Daily highs can reach well into the 100s for weeks on end. While it’s a dry heat, you probably don’t want to be spending much time outside while the sun is overhead. This is something to consider when you determine if you will be spending all your time in Henderson or just certain months of the year.

Outstanding Retirement Communities

When it comes to housing for people ages 55 and over, Henderson shines bright like the desert sun. There are seven 55+ communities in the Henderson area, each one with their own unique attributes and amenities. From resort-style swimming pools and tennis courts, to 5-star clubhouses and social clubs, there’s something for everyone in these retirement communities for active adults. These are not sleepy senior communities, to say the least!

The largest 55 plus community in Henderson is Sun City Anthem by Del Webb, which boasts more than 7,000 homes and three clubhouses for residents to enjoy. This sprawling hillside community has a mix of affordable homes and luxury houses, ranging from the $300s to more than $1 million. These are all single-story properties, some which have outstanding views of the entire Las Vegas Valley. There’s a 77,000 square foot clubhouse called Anthem Center, which features indoor and outdoor pools, fitness center, sports courts and gathering rooms.

Close to the Las Vegas Strip

Last but not least when it comes to the advantages of retiring in Henderson, is how close you are to Las Vegas. The city center of Henderson is located just 16 miles to the southeast of the Las Vegas Strip. Many of Henderson’s neighborhoods actually surround Las Vegas, so access to the fun and excitement of Vegas is often just minutes away! This fact, combined with suburbs-style living, certainly makes retiring here special.

When you retire in Henderson, you will be close to world-class entertainment, gaming, restaurants and professional sports, yet tucked away in the privacy of your community. Henderson even has its own downtown area, if you don’t feel like the bright lights and excitement of Las Vegas. Who doesn’t want the best of both worlds when they retire? In Henderson, you can have your cake and eat it, too!


One of the best places to retire in the United States is Henderson, NV. While this article has discussed five reasons to retire in Henderson, there are many other benefits and reasons to live here. The medium sized city may not get all the publicity of its neighbor Las Vegas, but it offers a retirement lifestyle that’s tough to replicate.

From its sunny climate and golf courses to resort-style retirement communities and parks, living in Henderson during retirement may be just what you’ve imagined for your next, best chapter of life!

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