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5 Reasons You Need a Green Card Lawyer

Green Card Lawyer

Those in questionable legal standing often fail to seek the help they need due to fear of reprisal. For those looking for assistance with immigration issues, the circumstances of their situation can result in losing the life they lead in their current country of residence.

An immigration attorney, also known as a green card lawyer, can assist those that need help with immigration issues. Green card lawyers are familiar with cases such as citizenship and naturalization, deportation issues, asylum requests, and Visa applications.

Read on to find out five reasons a green card lawyer can help you with your immigration needs.

1. A Green Card Lawyer is a Specialty

You may find yourself asking "do I need a lawyer for a green card?" Yes. To achieve the best possible outcome, you should consult an immigration attorney.

Navigating the minefield that is immigration law can be brutal. If a judge denies your case, then you would only have 30 days to submit an appeal. Chances are you would spend a good part of that appeal time looking for a lawyer and having them review your case.

If you are considering reaching out to a green card lawyer, you may want to look up some in your area. Qualities you may want to look for in your immigration lawyer are price, availability, and reviews.

Immigration lawyers specialize in immigration issues. They are well-read on new laws and old ones. These lawyers can work on your case as it pertains to you and your needs. Instead of just submitting a form yourself, why not have a lawyer fight on your behalf?

2. Citizenship and Naturalization

Citizenship is sought out to help one vote, meet job requirements, and help one access special aid. However, citizenship is not just granted in the US. Certain requirements must be met.

Though you may not need an immigration attorney during the entire naturalization process, consulting with one prior can ease any concerns. Once you submit your application, you just need to wait for your interview and exam; this process can take upwards of six months.

For those that may have any doubts when considering applying for citizenship, working with an immigration attorney can save you any undue grief or stress. In some instances, a green card lawyer will advise you not to apply for citizenship, especially if you may have a criminal record.

Applying for citizenship requires the immigration office to scour your past records and may dredge up some not so flattering information that not only denies you your visa but may affect your legal standing in the US.

3. Deportation Issues

A green card lawyer will review your case to make sure any charges brought against you are true. If a discrepancy is found they will contest it on your behalf. If you were to face a possible deportation order, an attorney could look for ulterior punishments such as community service or serving your time within the US.

It is not just immigrants than can face deportation orders, but US residents can as well. An immigration lawyer can assist you with deportation issues like voluntary removal, deportation suspension, legalization, and waivers of admissibility and removal.

Should you or a loved one were to have issues with ICE, it would be best to already have a relationship with an immigration lawyer. A relationship with a lawyer could mean anything from a previous consultation to having one on retainer just in case.

If any deportation issues should arise, it would be best to contact a green card lawyer as soon as possible.

4. Asylum Requests

Asylum is petitioned when one is granted protection by the US from their home country.

Immigrants seek asylum due to persecution based on their race, religion, nationality, political views, or membership in a particular social group. The approval rate for asylum applications is low. Having a skilled immigration lawyer fighting your case will improve your chances of having asylum granted.

Should your asylum application be denied, having your immigration lawyer present your case to an immigration court can end up granting you asylum.

5. Visa Applications

A green card lawyer can help give you a better understanding of how long it takes to process a Visa application depending on your own circumstances.

Visa application forms vary from work visas to leisure travel, and in some cases are only applicable to the visa holder and exclude his immediate family. An immigration attorney can find the best visa that works for you.

If you were to select the wrong visa application, you would need to begin the process from scratch, meaning any previous time and money spent on the wrong application have been wasted. So make the smart choice and contact a green card lawyer that can set you on the right track the first time around.

Need Assistance?

Your immigration status will affect you and your family. So, why leave it up to chance? A green card lawyer can help give you and your family peace of mind.

Many in the immigrant community fail to advocate for themselves, due to fear of reprisal. Yet, a meeting with a lawyer is confidential. though, and having someone on your side with experience in legal matters can only be a benefit.

Be it citizenship, deportation, asylum, or visa questions an immigration attorney can assist you and give you a better chance at success with your case.

Interested in learning more about immigration issues? Check out our other articles on legal assistance.

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