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Ramanagara Trek: A Complete Guide in 2022

Ramanagara Trek

Karnataka has one of the most famous places to trek in India. Trekkers from all over the world come to experience the beauty of this place. The place is serene and many stunning places are there whose beauty is beyond our expectations. The best time to trek the mountains of Karnataka is during the monsoons.

If you are a nature lover, get ready to experience the beauty this state holds during heavy downpours in the monsoons. With most of its nature pristine, Karnataka during the monsoon is captivating as you can get a chance to admire the foggy hazes taking the shape of a cloud, get drenched under a waterfall in the most original state, or witness breathtakingly dense forests and fields in its supreme greenery with the commendations of the rain.

Among all the treks located in this stunning place, the Ramanagara trek is one of the most recommended treks to visit during the monsoon season.

Ramanagara trek is famous for numerous adventures in the lap of dense nature. You can explore the picturesque beauty of the mountains and the secret treasures of the Western Ghats by undergoing a serene trek situated in Ramnagara, Banglore.

You can connect with peaceful nature by travelling a distance of 22 km among the lush greenery of the trek. Ramanagara trek is also the trek known for a couple of temples on its way and also for its silk production(sericulture). There are seven hills on the trail. 

Also, the lengthiest trail in Ramanagara is Kunagalu Betta Trek. The length of this trail is estimated to be 4.3 km long and it takes on an average of 1 h 29 min to hike the complete trek.

TimeStamp for Ramanagara Trek 

  • 06:30 AM: Pick-up from Bangalore
  • 08:30 AM: Arrive at Ramanagara campsite and have breakfast
  • 09:45 AM: Start the activities (Paintball & Zipline)
  • 01:30 PM: Fresh up and go to have lunch
  • 03:00 PM: Visit Manchanbele Or Kanva Dam for water activities & Rappelling 
  • 05:30 PM: Move back to Bangalore en route to the Big banyan tree
  • 07:00 PM: Arrive in Bangalore

Itinerary for Ramanagar trek:

  • If you are travelling by public transport, try to reach the bus stop early in the morning. Also, try to catch the first bus. 
  • Then, take a direct ticket to Ramanagar. 
  • When you reach Ramanagar, travel to the foot of Rama Devara betta by taking an auto.
  • You can leave Bangalore by 4:30 or 5 am if you are on a road trip. 
  • There will be a board of Rama Devara betta on your left (there is a bend towards the right around 2km to Ramanagar),.
  • You can also see the Kamaan to the hill on your right-hand side when you reach there.
  • You can either skip your breakfast to take the entrance and then there will be a foot of Rama Devara betta. Or there are places where you can have an amazing taste of idli in Bidadi (on the way) or tasty south Indian dishes in Kamath Lokaruchi (which is 8km ahead) and then reach the betta. 
  • You can park your vehicle near the gate and start walking from there or you can take your vehicle to the entrance, park there and start climbing the steps.
  • You have to mount around 400 steps. Once you arrive at the temple, there is a diversion on the left side of the temple which directs to the summit of betta.
  • It’s adequate if you reach the top early in the morning as the climate will be calm, and cool and you can chill in the breeze.
  • Once you reach the top, you can spend time sitting alone in the serenity. and start walking from there itself or you can take your vehicle to the entrance, park there and start climbing the steps.
  • Be prepared to climb around 400 steps. There are not many troublemakers (monkeys) in this place compared to Shivagange.
  • Once you reach the temple, don’t forget to take the diversion on the left side of the temple which leads to the summit of betta.
  • It’s better to reach the top early in the morning. As the weather will be cool and you can relish in the breeze.
  • Once you reach the top, please spend time sitting alone for some time quietly. You can have tender coconut water while going back which you will see along the road

Essentials for trekking:

  • Backpacks
  • Raincoat as it would rain anytime
  • Water bottles/sippers
  • Energy food(protein-rich etc.)
  • Medical kits
  • Sweater or jackets for the night
  • Sports shoes/ trekking shoes
  • Torches with extra batteries.
  • Track pants etc.
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