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Problems Associated With Refrigeration in Caravans

One of the most common issues every caravan owners is maintaining the refrigeration. Although most of these problems are easy to handle, some may require an expert’s assistance to resolve. Some caravan owners also try the DIY way, but that is not recommended as one problem could lead to another. This is because it would damage your fridge and could also be dangerous. Therefore, you must opt for caravan servicing at the right time. If you don’t deal with one minor problem, it could damage your entire refrigeration system.

How to deal with the temperature issues?

There could be a problem with your 3-way fridge. However, you might not be aware of the problem. Due to less or more amount of ammonia production, damages could occur. This is because it could give rise to uneven temperatures. Since your freezer receives the refrigeration first, the temperature in the freezer must be maintained properly.

You can use a spirit-level checker to check the temperature of your fridge. This would help you detect and eliminate the problem. Ventilation is another important factor that should be considered. If there is no proper ventilation your refrigerator needs to be repaired. The temperature issues can also be caused because of the placement of the trailers. There could be a possibility that they are placed at a tilted angle, leading to the fluctuation of temperature.

How to deal with the gas issue?

The 3-way camper refrigerator is in no way similar to your home refrigerator. These refrigerators require pilot lights to function. Therefore, they require either propane or electricity for functioning. Most of the refrigeration part depends on the pilot lights. There are several causes behind the failure of these pilot lights. The thermocouple, which controls the gas in the fridge's burner at any one time, might be the reason. You have to replace the thermocouple if required.

Sometimes, changing the thermocouple also does not solve the problem. This could be because there might be air present in the pipeline. This will prevent the pilot light from lighting up and remaining lit. To repair this, open the fridge's gas valves and reset them. If you have a recent three-way camping fridge, you can do all of this by just pressing the power button. If it's an older model, manually reset the fridge. Many reputed caravan repairs in Brisbane can guide you through the process.

How to examine the fan?

Fans are also present in your refrigerator. These fans could lead to the generation of heat which may disrupt the airflow. The circulation fan, which drives hot air out the bottom vent and pushes air over the cold coils, is critical for managing heat for the condenser. If your refrigerator exhaust fan requires cleaning, repair, or replacement. You, therefore, need to constantly check the fan. To increase the performance of your refrigerator, switch it off and then proceed with cleaning the fan.

How to clean the air filter?

There are extra filters that are present in the refrigerator that acts as a blanket that removes all the dirt particles. You would not have to maintain these filters constantly if you keep checking them. Unlike HVAC, kitchen appliances often have metal screens that are washed rather than replaced. You might be able to wash it easily with the help of a dishwasher. You can also opt for a replacement if needed.

How to deal with noise issues?

When you live in a mobile area noise could be a major problem. Check if the fridge is not tilting and is placed properly. Make sure the fridge is not in contact with any other device that creates noise or vibrations. Finally, look at the circuit tubes at the rear of the machine to see whether they are moving against the fridge.

Overall troubleshooting

There are two ways to detect this problem. First, by detecting the smell of ammonia. Second, you may notice that the cooling unit in your refrigerator is coated with yellow residue when you open it. All this could also give rise to corrosion which would create more problems. Therefore, for caravan servicing in Ipswich, contact a professional.

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