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How Portugal Has Become a Boomer Destination

Whether you want to live or spend a vacation in one of the smallest countries in Europe, you’ll definitely find a lively culture and one full of natural beauty. Portugal gives a feeling of being at home as soon as you disembark from the plane, being a wonderful destination, with good cuisine, incredible vineyards, and unforgettable hosts.


How did this country manage to become an attractive center for tourists and boomers? Let's try to understand it a little better. If you want to know more travelling tips, be sure to check out BoomerBuyerGuides.

Why is Portugal the Perfect Destination for Boomers and Retirees?

To live the rest of our lives with security and tranquility is all we need, and today Portugal is considered one of the best countries for those looking to relax after retiring, especially for older people, like boomers.

You can opt to live in beautiful farms, having fun with new friends, and enjoying all the best that the countryside has to offer, not to mention the quality of life, with excellent education levels and high-quality public health.

In addition to preparing a good policy for the elderly, Portugal efforts are focused on bringing a high perspective of life, constantly supporting their longest-lived population, promoting leisure and health care, and bringing numerous incentives for their experience living in the country.

A Country With an Endless Story

The streets and alleys of Portugal transmit different stories, every time, and make you able to connect with a floor stone in a way you wouldn’t think you could - you can be sure that everything you witness was and will be passed on from generation to generation.

You’ll be living in a European fairy tale with a Latin touch. Portuguese cities overflow with delicacy and harmony, going from the largest ornate centers, such as Lisbon and Porto, to inland cities like Viseu. Without forgetting the islands - Madeira and Açores - bringing a path full of memories with impressing natural landscapes.

The Excellent Portuguese Gastronomy

It is not just a specific cuisine that the country’s gastronomy lives on! We should never let ourselves be carried away by just the delicious Pastéis de Belém, the famous olive oils, or cod dumplings - this becomes a concept considered to be quite devoid of cultural knowledge.

Let's take it easy - we are not judging if you want to focus only on these delicious foods, but what you should not be missing are the good restaurants, from the cheapest to the most expensive places.

You’ll be served stuffed bread, soups, and stews, not to mention countless dishes involving seafood, especially cod, the king of every Portuguese table. The word ‘diet’ will not exist in your vocabulary while you are touring or even living in Portugal!

The Low-Cost Life in Portugal

If you visit other countries in Europe that have a lifestyle with higher costs, you will be surprised when visiting Portugal. Accommodation, meals, tourist attractions, transport, all with the most economical values as possible, which does not mean that the experience will be poor or worthless.

It may offer a little less luxury than most countries present on the European continent, but this will all be well compensated by the experience of a magnificent culture, warm and energetic people, and an excellent and very high quality of life, without having to earn a lot.

Breathtaking Landscapes and Memorable Trips

Despite being a very small country, Portugal is extremely rich, with one of the largest varieties of landscapes – there are even whole mountains coming from the Atlantic Ocean, where you can watch the sunset from inside ancient castles, like in Sintra, or just enjoying the beautiful scenery of the vineyards on the banks of Alentejo.

Due to its small size, it can be explored easily using a car, or even by public transport, it is filled with incredible cities with beautiful landscapes along the way, and in 15 days you can visit almost all the cities in the country. With its steep hills, its yellow trams, and its white and blue tiles, it is a delight for anyone's eyes.

Fall in Love With The Country That Will Always Welcome You

When choosing Portugal to spend the rest of your life, be sure that you’ll be living in the calmest and most peaceful environment that you have always wanted. You will be able to visit destinations that are not even half a day away from each other.

One of the most secure countries in Europe, Portugal will offer you a perfect daily life, with a lot of people fluent in English, and after a few days you will be sure that you will be choosing one of the most beautiful and coziest spots in Europe.

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