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Plan Your Trip to Bangkok Thailand Under Budget

Are you planning to visit Bangkok? But afraid of unwanted expenses? No need to worry at all. We are here to help you in planning your trip to Bangkok. As we all know, Bangkok is one of the most visited countries in the world.

Bangkok, Thailand

Among youngsters, Bangkok is not less than a dreamland. Tourism is the backbone of Bangkok. It gives the best experience to you all.

The city offers countless entertainment options, along with mouth-watering cuisines. Bangkok is the perfect blend of multiculturalism. Here you will get a chance to experience the rich culture of the Buddist community.

With its beautiful beaches, magnificent temples, and thrilling nightlife Bangkok gained immense notoriety throughout the world.

Due to its extreme popularity, many visitors find this place a bit costly. But for your convenience, we will let you know how you can plan your trip to Bangkok under a fixed budget. 

Six tips for a pocket-friendly trip 

Book your flight in advance:- Plan your trip a month before so that you can book your tickets in advance. During this time, you can get minimum fare rates that can help you in a pocket-friendly trip. For more discounts, you can also explore some reliable websites. They provide many discounts on international and domestic flights to Bangkok.

Use the public mode of transportation:- This is the best way to save your money during your trip. Try to use maximum public transportation, as it will reduce your travel cost by around 10-15%. Well, Bangkok is the perfect place that can be explored by public transportation. 

Stay at a hostel or homestay:- Apart from the grand resorts, villas, or hotels, you will find various budget hostels, homestays, and also some hotels as well. Stay cost is also some major concern while you are planning for a budget trip. Hotels have sharing facilities that come at a minimal cost. Before you execute anything, just explore things on the internet. The estimated cost of the one-day stay in Bangkok is around $60. But if you book a hostel for yourself, the cost of a per-day stay will be around 40-45 dollars. The price may vary according to the location of the building. 

Explore the town with locals:- Rather than book an expensive travel guide/agent, you can opt for the local guides. Local guides are so generous as well as they charge less amount to you. They will treat you like a family. Their great gestures and hospitality will steal your heart. They will charge around $30-$35.

Plan a group trip:- Well, a solo trip is the best choice, but for a budget-friendly trip, a group trip is totally worth it. With this, you can share all your expenses equally. A journey with friends can’t be expressed by words, it is something beyond words. You will get an unforgettable experience with less spending. 

Taste the Thai Cuisine with local cafes and restaurants:- Accommodation, traveling and food cost are the main factors that increase or decrease your budget. For an ideal Bangkok trip, you should explore the local restaurants and cafes that serve delicious Thai, Continental, Chinese, Italian, or Mexican cuisines. These cafes and restaurants charge very little as compared to other expensive restaurants. 

Places to Visit In Bangkok

For a budget-packed trip, Bangkok has a lot of things to serve you. You can explore Bangkok city easily with your family and friends. Here are some most iconic places that you must visit there;

  1. Floating Market Bangkok:- Floating Market Bangkok is one of the most popular and iconic places in Bangkok. This place is the priority of every visitor. The market is just above the water, and you can see the trade functioning on the boat.
  2. The Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew:- The beautiful architecture of the palace shows the flourishing past of the city. Among the visitors, The Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew hold huge fame for their picturesque location and breathtaking view of the city.
  3. Wat Arun:- Wat Arun is the iconic temple in Bangkok. It is dedicated to Buddhism. Wat Arun gives a spectacular sunrise view. Among all the temples, Wat Arun is the most visited temple and experiences the maximum number of visitors.
  4. Bangkok Safari World:- Bangkok Safari World is the world’s largest open zoo. It is further divided into two parts; safari park and Marine Park. Bangkok Safari park offers an exciting jungle safari ride. 
  5. Skywalk at MahaNakhon Observatory:- This is the tallest building in Thailand. MahaNakhon Skywalk gives you a 360-degree panoramic view of the city. It is the chief attraction point for tourists. 
Bangkok, Thailand

Is Bangkok worth visiting? 

Being one of the most beautiful and popular tourist destinations, Bangkok is a prime choice for all travelers. Its grand palaces, temples, food, nightlife, and clubs attract millions of visitors annually. You can explore the city on your own terms. Among all backpackers and travelers, Bangkok is a worth visiting destination.

It has a great nightlife that adds more charm to the city. If you are planning a budget-friendly trip, Bangkok is the best place to explore the new and rich culture.

Under your budget, Bangkok offers you an unforgettable lifetime experience that you will never forget.

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