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How to Plan a Luxury Travel to India

India is a diverse and vast country. India boasts an aspect that is opulent not only in culture but in hospitality as well. With some of the most luxurious hotels trains (like golden chariot, palace on wheels, maharaja express) and a number of services, India marks its presence as one of the finest luxury destinations in the world. Tour planner often gets confused while planning their tour to India as there is so much to see that it is actually hard to decide which destinations to select and which ones to skip. Every tour planner wants to make the most of his/her time in India as International flights are pretty expensive. Yes, luxury vacations in India will get tedious if not planned totally and one needs the social control acumen like that of Sheldon Cooper to with success map luxury tours to India.

Here are some guidelines to make the planning simpler. So before planning the tour we should focus on things like: Selecting the destinations, Time of travel, Duration of travel, selecting a tour operator, deciding the hotel Category. Let’s talk about it in details so we have broad idea regarding these things.

Selecting the destinations

This is very important while we plan our travel to anywhere not only in India but also to the other country also. Without any selecting destination how can we plan for it; so the first thing is to just select where you want to go to enjoy the place. It depends a lot on your interests. If the royal forts and palaces interest you and you've got 10-12 days, you'll mix Golden Triangle with different royal cities of Rajasthan like Jodhpur and Udaipur. If sand dunes would interest you then don't miss the desert cities of Bikaner and Jaisalmer with their colorful traditions and cultural events!

If you have inclination towards spiritualism, then adding Varanasi or Haridwar would be a good idea. Those fascinated by life will mix the noted Ranthambhore Park with the Golden Triangle. There are many different noted parks just like the Bandhavgarh and Kanha national park. If one desires strictly a beach vacation then state is that the place! For an individual UN agency is visiting India for a cultural and subject area glimpse and loves nature too, will mix the Golden Triangle within the North with the noted Kerala in the south. Kerala is a paradise for the nature lovers with the ideal combination of beaches, backwaters, hill stations and wildlife.

Time of travel

You need to make a decision once would you be willing to travel right down to India. Best time to go to India is Oct to March, considering the climate.

Duration of travel

It depends so much on your time because whether you have less time or more time for the tours. If you're gazing a brief period tour, then the best choice would be a Golden Triangle for six nights and days. You can pay two nights at Old Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Delhi being the country’s capital, Agra housing the illustrious mausoleum and Jaipur being the capital of the state of Rajasthan forms the Golden Triangle.

Selecting a tour operator

Once you're certain of your travel dates/month, tour length and few destinations, you'll contact a reliable arriving tour operator online and share your preferences. Check for the online reviews and discuss with them to understand their capabilities and quality of services. Talking to a few references would also help. The best and convertible package meals with accommodation, breakfast, landing field transfers, guide, looking, entrances and additional events would be sensible to provide you an inspiration of the full expenditure. Traveling through the correct operator undoubtedly transforms your trip into an expertise feeling.

Deciding the hotel Category

You need to pick out the class of hotels as per your budget. If you'd wish to expertise the foremost luxurious tour, then beyond any doubt you would like to travel for the luxurious properties of Oberois and Taj hotels. In case you wish sensible hotels while not paying a premium, then five star hotels would serve your purpose. If you're going for heritage properties, make certain to examine on-line reviews and make sure that the properties are well unbroken.

Enjoy and discover luxury India on your way!

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