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Call of the Wild

By Nicky Pilkington

Are you tired of the same old boring vacations? Maybe you hit the beach one year and climb mountains the next. Perhaps you are ready for a fun new challenge"traveling to an unusual location to try something you've never done before, whether it be hang gliding with experts, swimming with dolphins, or sharing a meal with Bedouins.

If the spirit of adventure is calling you, check out some of the great deals you will find at exciting Websites that feature links to a bevy of thrilling getaway spots, events, and activities. Adventure Travel Tips offers dozens of links to vacation packages and ideas that you possibly have never dreamed of. How about a dogsledding tour of the Far North? Or tackle a bicycling course over a breathtaking mountain route? Visit a cooking school in Tuscany or an artist's gallery in Paris.

Maybe you're a more action-oriented adventurer and could go for an African safari, a kayaking journey, or a walking tour of northern England's lake district. You can sign up for trips without kids, without men, or without luggage (much, anyway). Go for cheap or pull out all stops to make this the event of a lifetime. Whatever your age, abilities, interests, or skills, you can find a vacation package to make memories that will last forever. At iexplore (, you will find all the help you need to plan a trek to Peru or a cultural tour to Thailand. Imagine trying something totally different for your trip by going somewhere you've never been, and then returning to share amazing stories with relatives and friends.

Special vacations like these may require additional preparation, such as immunizations, passport and visa approvals, water or food supplements, and so on. Get a physical examination and ask your doctor about any medications you might need, as well as prescriptions meds you currently take, such as medicine for thyroid or diabetes. Check with your tourist site's travel guide for information about what to do and bring in preparing for your trip. It's also a good idea to find out about money exchanges up front so you can bring along the correct amount and type of currency. For adventure excursions into the wild, you may want to pack light, at least for the day of any vigorous action, so you won't have to watch over extra suitcases or bags. Bring along a good camera to get quality shots and perhaps footage of your delectable experiences.

Start planning now by browsing online sites like those listed above. The sooner you begin, the better deal you may get, along with your choice of dates and bookings.

About The Author
Nicky Pilkington is an adventurous traveler and the editor of travel websites. He travels extensively around the world since the age of 17 and never gets tired. There are few places unexplored by him and he is always ready for another adventure.

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