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Pet Import Companies Make Importing
Pets to Singapore a Breeze

Pet Import

Although pets are not commodities yet, if you plan to take your pet along with you to Singapore, you must consider it as just any other import/ export activity and be ready to comply with the complex laws related to it.Pets are no ordinary commodity and need extreme care in handling while traveling from one country to another, much in the same way as its owner. To ensure that your pet experiences a comfortable and safe journey just like any of your family members, you must involve a company like Shiloh Animal Express Pet Import to handle the tasks on your behalf.These companies specialize in pet import and export and have a vast network of resources from the airlines to the various vet agencies and government authorities in multiple countries that endorse their activities.

Smooth and safe journey for pets

The pet moving company has the wherewithal to ensure a safe and smooth journey for pets and plans its travel schedule by matching it with the pet owners. As pets might have to stay in quarantine after landing in Singapore, the pet moving company takes all measures to book slots for your pet in advance so that the period of quarantine synchronizes with your travel schedule. The transition is so smooth and enjoyable for your pet that it will relieve you of all your worries because you know that your pet is in safe hands and there are people to look after it all through its journey.

Laws differ by Country categories

The rules that govern the import of pets to Singapore depend on the exporting country because the government of Singapore has different laws for different countries. The pet moving company will do all the paperwork and documentation for legal compliance. However, having some idea about the requirements will help you prepare well to provide all necessary documents and health records to the pet handling company and even get the pet vaccinated for rabies on time if needed. Pets coming from Category I countries do not need rabies vaccination, while the timelines for vaccination vary for countries belonging to other categories. The same kind of exemption is applicable for blood titer tests on pets based on the country category.


You must apply for an import license and dog license 30 days before arriving in Singapore for importing dogs to Singapore. The Animal and Veterinary Science department issues the license, and the pet importing company will help you in this matter.

The Singapore government is highly concerned about the health of pets entering the country. Regardless of the country, you are traveling from, pet owners must furnish the veterinary certificate for Singapore completed by a licensed veterinarian within 7 days of arriving at Singapore.The certificate must be duly endorsed by the government agency of the country you are coming from responsible for the export and import of live animals.

The pet import company will work closely with you and guide you to fulfill the requirements to ensure a safe passage for your pet.

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