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Park View City Lahore

Park View City Lahore, a private residential development that is well-designed and managed by the vision group, is a highly efficient project. It can be found on the main Multan Road in Lahore. Park View Lahore, as the name implies, is filled with scenic views and an ecofriendly environment that is a comfort for the eyes and leads to a peaceful and healthy life. The Lahore Development Authority has issued a valid NOC to the property.

Park View City Lahore

The NOC also confirms that the project is legitimate. Modern living standards and state-of the-art architecture are just a few of the many benefits. The project's highlights include an excellent infrastructure, HiTech security, a massive zoo and a health club. Park View City is an ideal place to build your home, not only because of the excellent facilities but also because it's centrally located and offers top-notch services.

Total Area

Park View City covers an area of approximately seven thousand Kanals. It can house between four thousand and five hundred families. Park View City offers a way to improve your living environment. Park View City residents won't regret making the decision to live in it. The project is thoughtfully designed to meet their needs and ensure their happiness. Park View City offers all the luxury amenities, but it is still close to the city. The Lahore city hustle is also far away. The amazing project in Lahore also offers multiple villas and plots that will satisfy all your luxury needs. The management offers residents an easy payment plan.


The location is a major concern when looking at a property. Because it gives the buyer a sense both of security and locality, location is crucial. It is also important because it determines if everything a buyer needs around his future home. The property's location also affects its value. Property value and worth will increase if there are schools, shopping malls, hospitals and other major commercial areas within the vicinity. For maximum returns, investors should pay attention to these locations.

Park View City Lahore

Park View City Lahore is the best location as it is on the main Canal Road. It is located just a few kilometers from the Thokar Niaz Baig Flyover. You can also reach the property via the main Lahore Islamabad highway. This makes it even more central. Park View City is only five minutes from the city, which separates the residents from its hum. All the commercial areas of the town are just a few minutes away, so the residents can have a peaceful and tranquil environment. Park View City offers excellent location and investment opportunities.


The area of Park View Villas is shown in the outline. It is located on Lahore Canal Road. This lodging plot is located near the Thokar Niaz Baig Flyover and offers a fascinating route to all parts of the city. This is the area of Lahore that hosts some of the most innovative and groundbreaking movements. You will see incredible venture benefits in this energetic area. This area is home to numerous expressways and primary boulevards. This makes it easier to access from any part of the city.

Park View City Lahore

Park View Villas

Park View City Lahore is working to achieve a high-ranking urbanized development. This will undoubtedly improve the quality of life and advance cash-related advancement. In order to achieve more smart results, it is important to link the organization of creative highlights. Through innovative techniques, signs of advancement and a far-off and exciting plan, the occupants can enjoy a more predominant living environment. Park View City's fundamental development methodology was also initiated by property developers. They created a secret society to provide safe and competent living areas. It will also provide a creative and consumer-driven work environment.

Park View, as you can see from the Master Plan, has four blocks allotted to residential purposes.

Blocks at Park View Villas

  • Block of Gold
  • Topaz Block
  • Jasmine Block
  • Tulip Block

Gold Block

Park View Villas Gold block's installments are more practical and affordable than the rest. The Gold Block has a selection of luxurious, fully-furnished villas that can be moved in as well as residential plots for you to build your dream home. There are different sizes of plots in the block, including 5 Marla and 10-Marla plots. Prices vary accordingly. The costs are attractive and you can choose from multiple sizes of properties to either build or invest in. Investors and buyers love this block because of its affordable payment plans.

The Gold Block's prices are lower than other squares in Park View Villas such as Tulip, Topaz and Jasmine. In these squares, the cost for 5 Marla is up to Rs. 48 Lac and more The Gold Block is an easy-to-implement investing plan that's both pleasant and affordable.

Park view villas Lahore offers a great opportunity to make a good return on your investment. Similar to the Vision Group's wanders, it is monitored and offered satisfactory terms. The Estates are generally accepted by local buyers as well as overseas.

Topaz Block

Park View Villas offers luxury villas and plots of land in the Topaz Block, just like Gold block. This block offers a high standard of living and luxury amenities. The prices are attractive to investors. This block is in a prime location. All the main commercial areas and project sites are within easy reach of the block. There are multiple plots available with different costs and a flexible payment plan.

Jasmine Block

As the Jasmine Block development is nearly complete, the Jasmine Block is the preferred choice of investors and buyers. Blocks offer many benefits to buyers, making them more attractive. The block offers multiple villas and residential plots in various sizes. You can also invest in this block to enjoy peaceful living in an eco-friendly area. The block is located centrally for all offices and workplaces so the prices can be very attractive.

Tulip Block

The Tulip Block enjoys the most extraordinary range within the project. This is why the properties there offer a unique opportunity to buyers. People who want to make the best possible speculation returns for the future should invest in this area. Similar to the other squares you can also find unique plot sizes at varying prices. Your home will reap the benefits of Tulip Square's perfect location. This block is highly sought after because of its payment plans.

Plots for Sale

Park View Lahore is a high-quality extend that offers many exciting wander openings. Park View Lahore has both residential and commercial plots available. Plots come at attractive prices and are available in a variety of sizes. This plan is so important and unique that you can secure advanced points for your venture. These plot sizes are available for sale.

  • 4 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

This remarkable lodging society offers private plots for 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal, counting all modern-day advancements. The Park View Villas installment plan is designed to provide buyers with comfort. Park View Villas is a great option for those who want a home that meets all their needs. You can book your dream property with a certain amount of starting installment.

Payment plan

Park View City is your venture. It will provide all the comforts and focal points you require for yourself and your family. It is possible to live in a dream world thanks to its proximity to major areas, boulevards and workplaces. Park View Villas offers a chance to own a luxurious home at a reasonable price.

Park View City Lahore will provide a comfortable environment for tenants to live in, far from the bustling city. Park View Villas will provide a comfortable and friendly urbanized living environment as part of the foundation. Everything is break even.

Park View Villas offers five marlas, ten marlas, and 1 Kanal residential plot on the first-come-first-served premise for a two-year installment arrangement. The initial installment is 20%, while the remainder of the amount will be due in two years via quarterly payments.

You'll be able to build your dream house with a 5 Marla area. Private Plot arrangements can be tailored to meet the needs and requirements of each buyer. This land opportunity is located on Park View Villas. This is a great opportunity to grab modern-day services at an incrediblely low cost of Rs 4,500,000. The 5 Marla plots offer one of the fastest-selling plots in the venture due to their size and impeccable measure.

Important Note

The installment can be paid by Demand Draft, Crossed cheque or P.O. Limited".

  • On the lump-sum installment, a rebate of 5% can be claimed on the plot price
  • For elite category plots (e.g. corners, park facing, primary boulevard plots), additional charges of 10% will apply.
  • The purchaser must sign the terms and conditions.
  • Developers will give possession of all plots within 2 years.


The property's striking design is one of its main highlights. The property was designed by top-qualified architects and features a front block with double-coated windows that provide both protection as well as excellence. The management also considers the comfort of the residents. The society has spacious rooms and modern washrooms, which allows for expansion. The property's security system is top-of-the-line, with 24-hour surveillance cameras and highly skilled watches. Management installed motion sensors and fire warnings to ensure the security of the residence. The property boasts state-of the-art lodging advancement and a community center with a well-being program. The project also includes a spectacular zoo, which will offer quality entertainment for guests. It offers the following facilities and services to its residents:

Parks and Greenery

Lahore is a pleasant place to live. Park Views' interior is also impressive and well-designed. This extend provides beautiful views of nature as well as a green environment for distant living. The park is home to around 5 percent of the area's residents. It allows families to spend their time in peace and enjoy being close to nature.

A 22 Kanal central park can be found within the community center. It has a play area for children and a walking track. A variety of beautiful and unusual blooms are planted to give you a feeling of a renewed sense of being. It includes the main park as well as smaller parks that are part of the Park View City Lahore project.

Educational Institutes

Families consider school an essential element, since quality education is their number one priority. It is always a benefit to have a school that offers a high-quality education close by. This saves parents time and provides a sense security for their children. Park view City is committed to building a premier educational institution that employs highly qualified and trained professionals. The school will be able to cover more than 8.8 Kanal. The school will also include an active nursing unit as well as a childcare unit for school staff and understudies.

Community Center

Park View City residents will have a great healthcare facility provided by a fully-serviceable community center. The center offers a variety of administrations to ensure that residents have a high quality of life. The community center's health unit will have the most recent innovations in restorative gear and a highly skilled and trained staff. This area has been allocated to 18 Kanal.

Commercial Area

Park View City Lahore is a commercial area located in the heart of the extended. The vast shopping center houses a variety of brands from around the world and local brands. It has a main street that measures eighty feet in width and a number of smaller shopping centers designed to meet the needs of tenants. The impressive shopping center features a stunning atrium, modern capsule lifts, as well as breathtaking fountains. The commercial area also features a cinema and food court, all keeping in mind the entertainment figure. The venture also boasts a play area for children, which is not as obvious for grown-ups.

24 hour Electricity Backup

We all live in Pakistan and have to deal with power outages. Load shedding and power shortages can affect a lot of our daily activities. Pakistanis dream of living in a load-shedding-free area. Park view Private Housing Society guarantees that its occupants will not be inconvenienced by such an issue. Standby generators are readily available to provide power for any outages. The project has a 24-hour electricity supply. In the event of load-shedding, backup generators can be used. The venture provides a society that is completely free from load-shedding.

Grand Mosque

The venture also includes a magnificently designed mosque. The society allows members to offer five-time supplications in an enviable and peaceful environment. Park View Villas' distinctive squares have small mosques. It is possible to offer prayers and fulfill other religious obligations. The mosque's interior and exterior designs are the most exquisite. However, it allows people to find all the required necessities and the perfect environment for fulfilling their religious obligation.


This private project guarantees a secure neighborhood with all the highest-level security efforts. The perimeter is enclosed by a security wall that has somewhat restricted the access to any unwelcome members of society. The entire venture is equipped with the most recent security innovations and a dedicated security guards team that has been thoroughly trained for any mishap or incident. To maintain the respectability of the housing society, these security officers are stationed at various locations throughout the property. The whole project has a working group of CCTV cameras that monitors all works and provides a safe place for residents.


  1. Amazing architecture
  2. Amazing front phase
  3. Doors and windows with dual glazed glass
  4. Safety
  5. Motion sensors
  6. Apps for smart control
  7. Fire alarms
  8. Large rooms
  9. Elegant bathrooms
  10. Housing Progress: State-of-the art
  11. Hospital
  12. Community center
  13. Gardens and Parks
  14. Zoo
  15. Mosques


Park View City is an ideal place for you and your elite lifestyle. This real property project has an incredible infrastructure. It is an eco-friendly project that is close to nature because of its stunning views. It is a wonderful place to build your future and live with your family. It's a home close to the city, but away from all the hustle and bustle. This is also a great opportunity for investors.


1- Where is Park View City located?
Park View City can be found on the main Canal road.

2- How do I get Park View City Lahore Access?
Park View City can be accessed via Thokar Niaz Baig Flyover or Lahore Islamabad Highway.

3- Who is Park View City's owner?
Vision Group has created this advanced gated community.

4- Does Park View City hold a valid NOC?
The property comes with a valid NOC from Lahore Development Authority. It will soon be approved by CDA.

5- What plot sizes and types are available?
There are commercial plots available in 6-8, 8 and 10 Marla and 1 and 2 Kanal residential lots, as well as commercial plots in 6-8 Marla and 8 Marla.

6- What is the payment plan?
Park View City offers their clients a 2-year installment plan.

7- Is the development work complete? When will possession be granted?
Development work has almost been completed and possessions for most plots have also begun.

8- What facilities are available to residents?
Park View City offers multiple amenities: schools, hospitals and 24-hour power supply. It also has water, gas, parks and a community centre.

9- How long does it take for the plot's ownership to be transferred?
Park View City will transfer the ownership within a few days after paying all dues.

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