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Top 5 Outdoor Places to Visit in La Crosse Region
After Self-Isolation is Over

Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, our lives have been put on hold. Nowadays, we are all confined to our houses and all of our favorite places are temporarily closed. However, this is not going to last forever, and one of the things that will definitely help you stay positive is planning all the fun things you will do once self-isolation is over.

Perhaps, you already have a dozen of activities in mind, but if you want to add a couple of more ideas in regards to what to do in La Crosse Region, here are the top 5 outdoor places to visit once the lockdown is lifted! 

Riverside Park – The Park of Many Activities

Places to Visit in La Crosse Region

Without a doubt, the absolute first thing you would want to do once the lockdown is lifted and we can all go to our pre-quarantine lives is to spend some quality time with your friends and, perhaps, family. The latter depends solely on whether you are currently in self-isolation somewhere other than your parents’ house or not. The second thing is, probably, going to your favorite restaurant to enjoy some gourmet food outside of your house (takeaways are the champs but even they can get somewhat boring after a while, chances are since the beginning of self-isolation you have already Postmated every single thing on the menu to eat in the comfort of your kitchen). So, why not combine the two to get the perfect first post-self-isolation activity? 

And while having a get-together at your favorite restaurant sounds more than amazing, there is an even better idea! Self-isolation got us all craving fresh air, so as soon as it is over, we recommend you to get headed to one of the best parks of La Crosse, Riverside Park, to have a proper picnic there. 

This could either be a standalone activity or it can follow something more active. The beauty of Riverside Park lies in its versatility: not only does it meet the needs of those interested in active leisure but it is also perfect for those who simply want to chill and watch the river slowly pass by. 

Besides, Riverside Park is also home to an authentic paddle wheeler, the La Crosse Queen. If you fancy a picnic with a dynamic view as opposed to a static one, you can book one of the numerous the La Crosse Queen cruises on the Mississippi River. The most popular ones are:

  • Pizza Cruise

Unless you are already sick and tired of getting pizza for dinner during the quarantine, pizza cruise is perfect for groups of all kinds and ages! This 1.5 hours cruise that starts at 3:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. is a great way to celebrate the end of self-isolation with your friends! By the way, pizza is free, and so are unlimited beer and soda! 

  • Captain’s Sunday Brunch

If your friend group is particularly fond of Sunday brunches, you may spice it up a tad and get one on the boat! Enjoy a laid-back stroll down the scenic Mississippi river with your closest friends and an outstanding selection buffet! Besides, your morning after self-isolation will be truly special as this cruise gives you a chance to experience “locking through” Lock and Dam #7 on the Mississippi River, how exciting!

  • Saturday Dinner Cruise

If your heart is calling for something truly special, and you are planning to reunite with your significant other once self-isolation is over first, this romantic cruise is just for you! On it, you can enjoy a delicious chef-carved prime rib and chicken dinner while listening to live musicians. The perfect fine dining atmosphere for a magical moment is guaranteed.

However, if neither snacking nor going on a cruise interests you, you can still enjoy Riverside Park. The park hosts a lot of community events including summer concerts at the renewed bandshell! 

The Great Escape of La Crosse

The Great Escape of La Crosse is one of the locals’ favorite. It is a perfect place to spend time with your friends and get a little bit competitive. The main two attractions that this place offers are escape rooms and competitive axe throwing. 

Escape Rooms

While going to an escape room might seem like an irony after being locked up in the house due to self-quarantine, it is one of the best things to do! It is extremely fun, and you can invite your friends to see if your shared skill is enough to get out of the escape room.

Competitive Axe Throwing

If you have had enough of being confined in one space and do not really fancy the prospect of having to solve mysteries and looking for clues, you might want to do the other fun activity at the Great Escape of La Crosse – competitive axe throwing. That is right, flex those muscles! 

Explore the Great River State Trail 

Great River State Trail

Self-isolation has already got all of us putting on a couple of extra pounds, so it is only natural a lot of us want to be as active as possible once it all is over. One of the best ways to do that is by hiking! It is fun, not as exhausting as other activities, and is suitable for practically everyone. Besides, you also get to enjoy the mesmerizing scenery of the La Crosse region in the meantime. 

The 24-mile long Great River State trail travels through prairies and backwaters of the upper Mississippi River valley and offers a range of different activities for locals to pursue. As already mentioned, hiking is one of them! Besides, near Trempealeau, there is direct access from the trail to Perrot State Park where camping is available. So if you fancy a little day out, this is just great for you!

If you are not particularly fond of hiking, you might consider other activities that the Great River State trail offers. In particular, there is an option for bicycling (you may even rent a bike there if you do not have one) and canoeing and kayaking. If that sounds like a bit of you, head to Lytles Landing, a canoe launch area along the Black River.

Snap a Pic for Your Instagram at Grandad Bluff

Grandad Bluff is truly the number one attraction on pretty much every single La Crosse region travel guide. It surely is a tourist place. However, after such a long time in self-isolation, we can all consider ourselves tourists in our own cities. Besides, your Instagram and Facebook pages desperately need a couple of updates. Chances are unless you are an avid archive content poster, your social media activity went down over the quarantine and needs a boost.

Grandad Bluff and its mesmerizing views have just about everything for you to take the perfect instagrammable picture. A great background, a lot of direct light, and you, all fresh and happy to finally be out – you will definitely harvest all those likes!

Attend an Event

At last but definitely not at least, attending a fun event would be a great way to celebrate the end of self-isolation! 

At the moment a lot of carnivals and fairs got canceled or postponed due to the current situation with COVID-19. However, once it is all over, La Crosse will be brimming with life once again! And what better way to get festive is there other than going to a carnival? You can dress up, meet up with all your loved ones and enjoy all the fun things carnivals provide. However, if you are too impatient to wait for a fair or a carnival, you might be interested in attending a baseball game. After all, La Crosse Loggers are a delight to watch! 

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