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How to Organise a Stress-Free Vacation in Australia

australia vacation

Beautiful Australia – pristine nature, amazing food, and wonderful people. Anyone who has the opportunity should pay a visit, just take the place in, and relax. And, well, relaxing may be the issue. Namely, Australia is a lot of fun, but, like with any other travel destination you never went to, you need to prepare properly. Otherwise, your vacation and time of rest will just end up being stressful and difficult. Trust me, I know from personal experience – a stressful vacation is worse than no vacation.

Early beginnings

The first thing you should do is start your vacation right. So, first of all, arrive at the airport early. Get at least 45 minutes before the plane leaves. Trust me, the whole point of this article will revolve around Murphy’s Law – anything bad that can happen will happen. Rush hour, a traffic accident, your cab driver’s car breaking down... All this will cause a lot of undue stress, you will start freaking out about missing your plane, and your trip. Trust me, I’ve been there. SO just leaving your place 45 minutes early will be enough to get to where you want to go on time.

Check and double check all your schedules – train and plane departures, arrival time... Also remember that you will have to navigate the airport, and actually lose some time on boarding your train. Check in advance your baggage weight, and basically everything for airport security. This won’t so much lose you time, as it’s going to be annoying and stressful. You want to glide in as smoothly as possible into your plane.

Prepare properly

australia vacation

One of the most annoying things that can happen during a trip is forgetting some very vital item. IN fact, it can even a ruin a trip if you let it. So neglecting to carry your passport, drivers licence, documentation for your medicine… These can severely hamper your trip. Forgetting any medication you take is dangerous for obvious reasons, and forgetting your passport can get you sent back home directly.

Even simple things, like enough water and granola bars. Trust me, a ten-hour bus ride without any food or water is not fun. The same goes for forgetting sunblock, or wet wipes. And we all know that you should pack some layers, so that you can prepare for almost any type of weather Australia will throw at you.

Also, there is some homework you should do before you go. Namely, do you have dental issues? Then you should have a list of dentists and their addresses in whatever area of Australia you are going to. A bad tooth can sink your trip completely. Having the phone numbers of accident claims lawyers is pretty useful as well. I ended up in a car accident in my rental a while back.

While the accident wasn’t anything major, the bureaucratic nonsense basically ended my vacation right then and there. Having a phone number handy can make things a lot simpler. And of course, directions to the nearest hospital or infirmary is a must.

Don’t take the Sun lightly

australia vacation

Australia’s sun is no joke. Many don’t realise how hot Australia can get, and they simply neglect to wear sunscreen. First of all, you will look like a walking beet after 30 minutes without at least SPF 30+ on your skin. Second of all, this poses a very high cancer risk. Even if you don’t care about these first two issues, you can end up with heatstroke quickly. Always have a big water bottle with you wherever you go. Wearing a sunhat as well as light clothing can really save you from torture. Heatstroke removes one or two days from your vacation, forcing you to just rest. Visiting whatever you want to visit will not be as fun if the Sun is scorching your face, and you’re dehydrated.

Don’t try to see everything

Please, please don’t be one of those people who just want to see everything. There are so many things to see, so many places to visit, so much nature to check out. I have seen so many people just drive themselves crazy, exhausting themselves trying to visit every single thing on their travel itinerary. What’s the point of walking to the Sydney Opera house, taking one picture, spending less than 20 seconds there, and then moving on to the next tourist trap? Relax, breathe the place in, and spend at least 15 minutes just thinking about it, admiring the architecture and the surrounding area. Less is more when you’re travelling.


If you truly want to have a stress-free vacation, you need to relax, and you need to prepare properly so you can relax. Arrive early at the airport, pack everything you need to, protect yourself when you arrive, and try to take the whole place in slowly.

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