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6 Jobs You Can Do Online to
Make Money While Traveling

online jobs traveling

Going to the same building to work each day can take a toll on your mental health. Instead of dreading going in to work on a daily basis, you need to increase the amount of freedom in your current work situation. Luckily, many companies have started to embrace the remote work revolution.

Experts predict that by the year 2020, over 50 percent of the U.S. workforce will be remote. There is nothing quite as relaxing as being able to make money while traveling the world. Finding the right career that allows you to work remotely and make a good living can be challenging.

Here is how to find remote jobs that you can do online and make money while you are traveling.

1. Blogging Can Be Lucrative

Do you have a knack for writing engaging and informative content? If so, using this talent to create a successful blog is a great idea. There are tons of way you can make money with a successful blog.

One of the most common tools used by bloggers is affiliate marketing. All you have to do to make money is to promote other company’s products or services on your blog. If visitors to your site click the advertisement links and buy something from the company in question, you will get a percentage of this sale.

Before you set out to dominate the world of online blogging, you need to figure out what the subject matter of the blog will be. Once you have this information, choosing an appealing WordPress website theme is essential. Themes like Agava, Quart and Brynn are some of the most popular in the WordPress world.

2. Help Other Entrepreneurs Manage Their Social Media Accounts

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past decade, you know just how popular social media is. Modern business owners understand the power of social media and use this medium to attract new customers. Most entrepreneurs lack the time and experience needed to manage their social media marketing campaigns, which is why they typically hire a third-party to do this work.

Having success as a social media manager will require you to have copywriting and basic graphic design skills. Your copywriting skills will come in handy when trying to craft engaging and attention-grabbing social media posts for your clients.

With a bit of graphic design knowledge, you can take full advantage of visual platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. Using pictures and videos to engage with followers can help you increase the number of quality sales leads your clients receive.

3. Become a Virtual Assistant

Most travelers take jobs as a virtual assistant due to how fulfilling and lucrative this work can be. The business owners looking for virtual assistants don’t expect them to make in office appearances, which means this is a great job for a person who travels a lot.

Some of the jobs you may be expected to perform as a virtual assistant is dealing with customers, managing emails and curating social media content. Before you try to jump into the virtual assistant industry, take some time to craft a great resume. Your resume is the first thing a business owner will see, which is why you need to make sure it is detailed and filled with relevant information.

Showcasing your Microsoft office skills is important when trying to land a position as a virtual assistant. You will also need to tell potential employers about your communication and organizational skills.

Having success as a remote worker is only possible with good time management skills. This is why you need to dedicate a certain number of hours to your job each day to ensure no tasks fall through the cracks.

4. Consider a Career as a Web Developer

Are you familiar with how to build and maintain WordPress websites? If you answered yes, then you may have a future in the web development industry. Business owners are always looking for seasoned web developers to help them bring their vision of the perfect website to life.

The only way to land jobs as a web developer is by building a portfolio of work to show to potential clients. In the beginning, you may have to volunteer your services for free to get the ball rolling. Once you build a few websites for free, you can start to look for paying jobs.

Offering clients a complete package that includes website building, content writing and social media management can be beneficial. Most business owners like the idea of working with one company to fill all of these different needs. Doing a bit of market research will help you figure out how to price your services competitively.

5. Offer Professional Copywriting Services

One of the main goals most modern business owners have is attracting attention online. The best way for a business owner to drive more traffic to their website is by using content filled with relevant keywords. Offering copywriting services to these business owners can help you make a good living doing something you enjoy.

Having success as a copywriter is not easy due to how competitive this industry is. Finding ways to set your services apart is vital when trying to edge out the competition. This is why you need to learn more about things like Google AdWords and keyword research. The time invested in honing your skills as a copywriter will pay off when you are able to get higher paying jobs.

online jobs traveling

6. Provide Video Marketing Services

In the past few years, business owners have made a noticeable shift from using the written word to attract consumers to using video marketing. Most business owners realize that modern consumers have notoriously short attention spans, which is why video is such a great tool.

People are more likely to watch a short video about the services a company offers than they are to read a long blog about it. Using your knowledge of video editing and marketing can help you earn a great living. Most companies will pay top dollar for video marketing content that is original and representative of their brand.

Find Out What You Are Passionate About

Before you choose a remote job to perform while traveling, make a list of things you are passionate about. With this list, you can start to narrow down the list of remote jobs at your disposal. Doing something you are passionate about will make work far more enjoyable.

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