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For travelers looking for large uninhabited areas of immense natural beauty, where wilderness is perfectly combined with small islands of rich cultural heritage, they need not look any further than Norway.

While inhabited for millennia and best known as the land of Vikings, Norway boasts large expanses of pristine natural landscapes, dominated by the stunning fjords that cut deep into the coast, creating some of the most scenic scenery in the world. Norway offers a grand variety of destinations, diverse attractions and things to do, from the famous natural areas to modern cities, from typical fishing villages and towns to extreme adventures.

Traveling in Norway

The beautiful fjords go all the length of the coast, from the greenish south to the frozen north. Cruises and boat tours, as well as hikes and trekking routes along the Norwegian fjords can certainly be included in the greatest travel experiences on the planet. Each of the thousands fjords has its own special charm and attraction, with deep valleys flanked by tall rugged mountains. Norway features immense expanses of uninhabited lands, turned today into national and natural parks that are worth visiting, like the Jotunheim National Park, Svalbard Islands, Lofoten Mountains and Islands, the amazing Atlantic Ocean Road (one of the world's best road trips along the fjords), the Geirangerfjorden, the Nordfjord, Folgefonna National Park, The Lysefjord, and Troms regions.

Beyond all this exceptional natural charm, Norway is also defined by its people, with elegant Nordic cities and towns, as well as traditional communities. Going north up the coast, human settlements become scarcer as the climate gets colder. The capital city Oslo is an excellent cultural destination, a vibrant city full of amazing attractions, including the Royal Palace, Oslo Cathedral, Stortinget or Parliament, Akershus Festning Castle, Opera House, Viking Ship Museum, Maritime Norwegian Museum, National Gallery, Nobel Peace Center, Frogner Park and many others.

There are other cities and towns that can make for a great destination, like Bergen and its rich cultural heritage including the traditional wooden houses, Stavanger, Alesund, Bodo, Kristiansand, Tromso and Trondheim.

The Northern Lights
The Northern Lights, Norway

For the most authentic insight into the traditional life of Norway, travelers should visit the small towns and villages along the coast, especially the indigenous Sami people of Lapland in the far north, near the town of Karasjok. In the dark winter a mystical light - the aurora borealis or Northern Lights - dances across the sky. During the summer months the sun never sets.

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Map of Norway
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