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Getting Latest News About Arab Art
and Arab Celebrities – Mazikatoday

We all wish to know the latest news about celebrities. Many TV channels and social media websites are working in this context. Some blogging websites also used to update the audience about the daily news about their favorite celebrities.

Mazzika2day is one of the blogging websites working to bring the latest news about Arab celebrities. It brings you the latest updates about artists and art. 

Get Latest Updates About All News

Mazzikatoday brings updates for Arab audiences on a daily bases. Mazzikatoday always tries to come with the latest news about Arab celebrities. Dedicated sections for the specific celebrities are also there so that you can find your favorite celebrity and follow his/ her activities on a daily bases. 

mazika2day is a source of breaking celebrities' news and fabulous celeb photo galleries and videos. If you want to catch the celebrity news, mazika2day feeds you daily. Kid celebrity fans can also check the updates about kids’ stars in Arab.

To entertain the Arab audience, the content on the website is in the Arabian language. To get updated across the world, about the Arab celebrities, the content could be translated into the English language on a single click. You can also share the celebrity news about your favorite Arab celebrity by contacting the website. 

The latest news on the Website

  • Ibrahim Nasr passed away at the age of 69
    On Tuesday, the 12th of May, an icon is a departure from Egypt television. At the age of 69, Ibrahim Nasr passed away because of weak heart muscles. His dead body is buried in Azbakeya, from the old church of Marqasiya. In the Abbasiyan neighborhood, Ibrahim Nasr is buried in his family burials. 
  • Sarcastic Comment of Ahmed Helmy from Menna Arafa
    Ahmed Helmy, an Egyptian comedian sarcastically commented on the reaction of Menna Arafa in a program where she could not answer a simple mathematical question.

    Menna Arafa, at the age of 8 years plaid the role of “Zina” and Ahmed Helmy appeared as “Mimi” in a movie named "Industrial Bump". In the movie, Manna appeared as a child with poor academics and her father “Ezzat Abu Ouf in that movie” request “Mimi” to help his daughter in her academics.

    In a program “Ramiz Majnoun Official”, Menna Arafa was unable to answer the question from the anchor about the sum of 3 and 5. Ahmed Helmy then mocked a video clip of the movies “Industrial Bump” where they were working on the multiplication tables.

  • Return of Ola Roshdy in the series B 100 Wush
    Ola roshdy disappeared from the scene for a long time. She last time worked in 2017. But now this Ramadan she appeared in two series “100 Wush” and “ We love Tani Les” with full strength and power.

    The series “100 Wush” have strong stars and also some of the new faces. The series got huge praise from the Arab audience. The series is full of humor, light soul, and distinguished characters. Other famous characters of the series are Hanan Youssef and Mustafa Darwish, Ola Roshdi, Nelly Karim, Zeinab Gharib, Donia Maher, Nelly Karim, Islam Ibrahim, and others.

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