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New Traffic Fines for 2020 in UAE

Emirates cities are well known for their good road network and well-organized traffic system. This is a clear indication that responsible driving is a duty in this part of the world and every driver is expected to abide by it.

If you will be driving here, you need to be up-to-date with their traffic rules and the fines attached to violating any of the rules. By doing this, you as a driver will be able to save yourself from unnecessary violations of traffic rules.

As always, some new changes have been made to the traffic fines in the UAE. For instance, the normal fine for violating the rule which prohibits the use of the phone will driving has been changed from 200AED to 800AED.

Are you a driver in the UAE and you would like to know the new traffic fines for 2020 in the UAE? Right here, we will be sharing the new traffic fines for 2020 in UAE. This will give you a glimpse of certain traffic rules that you shouldn't violate this year.

UAE New Traffic Fines

1. Violating Traffic Lights

Being one of the most important traffic rules that drivers have to comply with, the UAE Police Force has decided to update the fines to punish offenders. Any driver who ignores any traffic light will be required to pay 1000AED and he will incur a penalty of 12 points.

The new fine system also supports that a car can be seized for one month irrespective of the type I'd traffic rule violated.

2. Seat Belt Traffic Fines

This fine that addresses seatbelt issues has been renewed and the fines have been increased to sanction car drivers. If you are caught driving without your seatbelt on, you will be required to pay a 400AED fund fine and you will be labeled with 4 traffic points for each person in the car not wearing a seatbelt.

3. Glass Tint Rule

This is a new traffic rule in the UAE. It simply prohibits car owners from tinting more than 50% of their car. Although, this rule doesn't have a fine yet. But you must avoid tinting your car more than allowed 50%.

4. Unauthorized Uber Fine

In the UAE, every uber driver must get registered. If a driver goes for a pickup without being registered, he or she will be fined 3,000AED and will also receive 24 traffic points.

5. Children Related Fines

For children below the age of 10, the authority will charge a fine of 400AED on any driver who fails to ask them to use their seatbelt or fails to abide by other traffic rules that have to do with children.

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