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Amsterdam is widely known as 'Venice of the North' because of the beautiful canals that traverse the city, accompanied by over 1,500 bridges and enclosed by charming Dutch architecture. Enjoy the adventurous culture or just hang out in this charming old European city.
Visiting Amsterdam...

These are some of the features of Amsterdam that make it so well loved...

Amsterdam is a perfect city to do business, get an education, live or simply just visit. The wealth of history and culture, its entrepreneurial spirit, innovative infrastructure, quality of life and creativity distinguish Amsterdam from other European capitals.

Amsterdam is a leading center for the study and development of life sciences. Fashion and industrial design have put Amsterdam on the map as a creative city with a great sense of humor and style.

Amsterdam offers creative people a fertile soil, thanks to the permissive environment that speaks for itself, with its multicultural neighborhoods and the diversity of the population. The remarkable creative, intellectual and cultural contributions of those who live and work in Amsterdam command widespread respect.

Amsterdam has some of the most important museums in Europe, such as the Rijksmuseum, the Stedelijk Museum, the Van Gogh Museum, the Tropical Museum, Nemo, the Scheepvaart Museum and many others.

It is no wonder that Amsterdam creativity and innovation go hand in hand with finding solutions for dealing with water and life below sea level. Every day it shows how intelligently Amsterdam handles its resources and technology, to stay a beautiful and functional city surrounded by water. There are very few cities in the world that succeed globally, while keeping their center livable, compact and accessible.

When the temperatures go below freezing, the canals get frozen and then most Dutch and especially Amsterdam people grab their ice skates (most Dutch people have those) and the fun starts. It's a great happening and it stays as long as the canals are frozen. People serve coffee and sweets to others. You can see this phenomenal on many old paintings too.

Winter fun on the canals of Amsterdam

The inhabitants of Amsterdam are very creative and will do anything to "drive" through the canals. This is a very special example, "carboats" - or any other name would do, as long as people have fun.

Driving through the canals of Amsterdam

The people of Amsterdam are Amsterdam. The versatility of the business community and the diverse backgrounds of its people are the heart and soul of the city.

Amsterdam map

This playfully designed 4-star Inntel Hotel is in Zaandam, next to the train station, just a short ride into central Amsterdam...


Amsterdam Schiphol Airport has the last ten years been elected several times as the best airport in Europe for passengers. International companies see Amsterdam as a logical and comfortable base for their headquarters, congresses and meetings.

My wife and myself (coproducer of this website) have worked and lived for seven years in Amsterdam on board a ship, on which we made many trips. The openness of Amsterdam, its diversity - and especially the creativity that we have experienced - are important aspects and showed us that living, working and touring in Amsterdam can be very pleasant indeed.

The many bars and restaurants breath an atmosphere which you won't find in any other country, it is unique and we call it "gezellig," like this video describes...

This video shows the growth of Amsterdam, with a beautiful animation from the earliest days until the mid-1800's...

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