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Why Naidoc Week Is Important for
Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders

Naidoc Week

Where Community and Culture Come Together in July

National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee (NAIDOC) plans a week of events that focus on awareness and celebration of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. This was begun in response to Australia Day, which marked the day that the British ships landed in the area and began to colonize the area. After transitioning through the Day of Mourning, the committee was formed to create alternative events that would celebrate the people who were already present and their own history.

Events for Celebrating Indigenous People

NAIDOC 2022 is occurring the week of July 3 to July 10, and the theme for the year is Get Up! Stand UP! Show Up! This theme is to gather support for systematic changes that will benefit all those in the community, including environmental care, cultural protections, and changes towards telling the truth about history and culture and removing racism. Every July, the community comes together to learn about the history of the area, to learn about the culture that was present before it became a colony.

There are many parts of the indigenous culture that have been lost as regular parts of society, and it is important to bring a focus on these before they are lost completely for future generations. It is necessary for people to know where they come from and the history of their own families, religions, and culture. This year will also be focused on celebrating the people within the community that have championed change and brought about real changes within the community. Many who are being celebrated this year include those who have improved things for human rights, equal rights, and justice.

The award ceremony is the main event, but it is not the only event that is occurring. Communities across the country will hold community BBQs, hold parades, and even host sports tournaments. Gatherings will be held across the country, and even small cities and towns will enjoy the events. Outdoor concerts are a common way to end the weekend and allow for everyone to come together in one group and spend time learning about each other and enjoying the summer weather. With many events across the nation, there is something for everyone, and the theme for 2022 encourages people to continue to speak out and come together to make changes.

Continuing to work together will amplify the voice of change and will help to move forward faster. Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up! encourages working together for the change that is necessary to see equality and fairness, justice, and equity for all, regardless of their background. The week will focus on sharing the cultural differences, the ways that existed before colonization, and the way that things changed. Only through learning about the past can the future be created in a way that benefits everyone, and people have a right and a need to know about the history of their family and their culture.

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