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5 Must-Do Australian Road Trips in 2022

Australia is known as the land of expansive landscapes. There are vast tranquil beaches, dense rainforests where birdsong drowns the city humdrum, gleaming rivers where dolphins play, and a deep red outback with a palpable Australian spirit. The ideal way to take in the beauty of the diverse Great Southern Land is by traveling through the road.

Do you want to experience the most of Australia? Are you planning to take a road trip through this diverse country but don’t know where to begin from? Read more to find out the Australian best road trips that you must enjoy in 2022.

Australian Road Trips

What are the best road trips in Australia?

Australia is a dream for every traveler. It has something unique to offer, whether you are an adventure seeker or a more relaxed traveler. Here are five road trips to help you enjoy the best that Australia has to offer:

1. Great Ocean Road

Australia is home to the world’s most scenic coastal drives, and the Great Ocean Road is among the top of that list. It has the most thrilling experiences with exotic views of the coastline. You can take your sweet time and drive slow while enjoying the breathtaking views. The road is home to the limestone towers known as the 12 Apostles, which you can enjoy at any time of the day. If you are interested in surfing, you must head to Bella Beach near Torquay. The road trip will give you the chance to venture into wildlife and find koalas, kangaroos, and even platypus.

Road trip implies a lot of luggage. Don’t forget to buy roof rack before you get on the road to ensure you can travel without compromising the space inside the car.

  • Where: Victoria
  • Ideal trip time: Less than one week
Australian Road Trips

2. Red Center Way

The central parts of Australia are the epitome of transformation. The ancient ochre landscapes, vibrant cultures, and bright, starry skies create unique energy you can experience only here. While you may not be able to put the experience in words, you will undoubtedly be submerged in it.

A drive through the Red Center Way can take you on a loop that begins and ends at the town of Alice Springs. You can also hike along the Kings Canyon or head to Finke Gorge National Park and Watarrka National Park to experience the serene natural beauty.

  • Where: Northern Territory
  • Ideal trip time: One week

3. Pacific Coast

The 900km long route takes to the two largest cities of the country – Brisbane, and Sydney. The road trip can offer a vibrant mix of everything to travelers. As you journey through the Pacific Coast after leaving Brisbane, you can hop from one beach to another. You can enjoy numerous wineries in Hunter Valley, hit the beaches in Port Stephens, tour the hippie town of Byron Bay, and enjoy the Gold Coast lounge. If you’re looking for a laid back road trip where you can embrace the coastal vibes, you must head to this coast. It is known as the Legendary Pacific Coast for a reason, and you will experience that.

  • Where: New South Wales and Queensland
  • Ideal trip time: One-two weeks
Australian Road Trips

4. Tasmania East Coast

Tasmania is brimming with ethereal natural beauty, from snow-capped mountains to blue bays stretching for miles. Although it is a comfortable ride from Melbourne, people often exclude it because it is an island. The East Coast takes through the most serene and picturesque beaches of Tasmania. You can experience the island’s vivid history, culture, and wildlife while taking in the coastal wonders.

The Bay of Fires’ pristine white beaches take you away from busy city life and help you rejuvenate with clean air and magnificent scenery. Don’t forget to visit the sandstone ruins of Port Arthur conviction settlement, a World Heritage Site. Tasmania’s East Coast is the recipe for an ideal road trip with short distances and incredible views.

  • Where: Tasmania
  • Ideal trip time: Less than one week

5. Explorers Way

For the ones seeking to dive into the ancient history of Australia, you must not miss out on the Explorers Way. The road trip will allow you to experience the most exotic and dramatic locations. You can visit the Wilpena Pound, a natural amphitheater that resembles a giant meteorite crater. It lies in the Flinders Ranges, which is 600 million years old. While you travel through the Explorers Way, you will pass through weathered mountain peaks, ancient gorges, and red rock canyons. Along the road trip, you can also come across Coober Pedy, an underground city.

  • Where: South Australia and the Northern Territory
  • Ideal trip time: Over two weeks
Australian Road Trips

Final Thoughts

While you may always want to take the quickest way to reach a place, this philosophy doesn’t apply when traveling through Australia. It is best to take a long road trip to appreciate the beauty of the land. So, it is time to ditch the passport and pick a road map for your next Australian road trip.

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