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6 Must-Visit Attractions in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, the capital city of UAE (United Arab Emirates), is the second most populous emirate after Dubai. The city has many attractions showcasing the culture and heritage of Emirati culture, as well as lots of fun places to visit to revamp and rejuvenate yourself. We have listed top-rated Abu Dhabi places that are must visit in Abu Dhabi. 

Here are the top must-visit places in Abu Dhabi. The must-visit attractions in the list of your travel itinerary when visiting the capital city of the United Arab Emirates...

1. Ferrari World

If you love formula-1 car racing and is interested in the gears, Ferrari World amusement park is the one for you. This amusement park dedicates to one of the world's most admired car manufacturers, Ferrari.

As Ferrari is synonymous with its speed, luxury, and sophistication, so is the Ferrari World. Here you will also find the fastest roller coaster ride in the world, along with many others giving the thrill and adventure. 

Apart from the thrill and excitement of rides, expand your knowledge about the historical know-how of the Ferrari. The museum at the Ferrari world will take you through the journey of Ferrari through the years. Also, you can relish a delicious, sumptuous meal at the in-house restaurants.

Ferrari World is on the famous Yas Island and is inter-connected with public and private transport.

2. Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Mosque is the most iconic place in UAE that gives a sneak peek inside the art, culture, and heritage of Emirati people. Clad with white marble and decorated with stunning chandeliers. 

Visiting it seems like watching a dream. Non-Muslims are also allowed in this Mosque, and regular tours and guides are available. It is spread over 12 acres and can accommodate thousands of worshippers at a time, one of the biggest in the UAE (United Arab Emirates).

Get up close and know more about the Emirati heritage at this Mosque. It is one of the must-visit places to acquaint yourself with Emirati culture and heritage.

3. Yas Island

If you are looking for a place to spend leisure time with family and together take up activities, Yas Island is the one for you. If fishing is your leisure pastime, your search for fishing trips in Abu Dhabi ends here at Yas Island. 

Also, Yas Island is home number of other recreational activities too, like Formula 1 racing tracks, theme parks, a stunning beach, a water park, and much more.

4. Take a day-out trip with the family to deserts

The trip to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, is incomplete without a desert safari. You have two options if thinking about a day-out desert safari trip either to Liwa Oasis towards the south of AbuDhabi or to Al Khatim desert.

There are numerous activities visitors can take up in the deserts, like sandboarding, camel trekking, or camping in the desert under the stars.

In addition, visitors can peek into the desert by visiting a nearby camel farm, feeding camels, and learning more about their culture.

5. Get up close to Falcons at the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital

Meet the national bird of the UAE, the Falcon, at the Abu Dhabi Falcon hospital, a veterinary hospital dedicated to treating ill and injured Falcons. The hospital offers a guided tour to aid tourists in knowing more about the bird. Falcons hold a position in the Emirati culture and stand for grit, strength, and determination. Also, there is a museum where visitors can enhance their knowledge about the history of the Falcons.

The visit to the Abu Dhabi Falcon hospital will help visitors get to know more about Emirati culture. As visiting the hospitals, visitors also take up the opportunity to feed and hold Falcons, depending on the activity vets may be up to at the time of your arrival. It offers a way for visitors to expose themselves to Emirati heritage.

6. Trip to Heritage Village, Abu Dhabi

After visiting the various attractions of Abu Dhabi and the skyscrapers of Dubai, do you want to know what the Emirati lifestyle was like before the oil boom? A trip to the Heritage Village, Abu Dhabi, will answer your curiosity. Visitors get to see the craftsmanship of the Emirati people, their agricultural skills, and others skills practiced by them.

Located near the coastal area, visitors can take up strolls along the beach and enjoy time with family. It's a must-visit place in Abu Dhabi, exhibiting the vibe of Emirati culture.

Abu Dhabi, the capital and one of the populous Emirates of the United Arab Emirates, never runs short of activities and attractions for people of all age groups. Abu Dhabi caters to people of all interest groups -one can never feel bored or run short of activities here. It has numerous options for adults and children alike.

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