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Moving to Miami?


Our Tips Will Guide You Along Your Way

Few places on the planet hold the allure of Miami. It is among Florida’s most high energy places and attracts both young and young at heart alike. Miami has been depicted in many movies and television shows throughout the year, but unless you have visited this unique part of the country, it is difficult to understand the electric vibe running through the place. Miami is home to celebrities, millionaires, and average Joes all living in harmony with one another. If you are planning a move to this vibrant and continually growing city, take these tips to heart to make your move ideal.

Brush up on Your Spanish

Mami is a part of America, but it is closer to Mexico and Cuba than any other major city in the United States. Therefore, Spanish is the first language of many of the locals. It pays to know Spanish in Miami as many of the local shops primarily speak Spanish. If you have not spoken a work of Spanish since high school, you might want a refresher course before moving to the area.

Know the Districts

Most cities tend to have different parts, but in Miami, the city is divided into 4 distinct areas. They each have their own individual vibe. If you are looking for businesses, schools, and parks, Downtown is where you will find these. For those looking for classic Miami with homes dating back to 1922, Coral Way or the southern part of the city is where you want to be and Western Miami is where most of the immigrants tend to be located, so it has more of a bohemian feel to it. Search around and find your preferred district and enjoy.

Storage is Essential

When moving to a new place, storage can be an issue and Miami is no exception. Homes in Miami can often lack available closet and attic space and you can forget about having a basement in such close proximity to the ocean, so storage units become essential in this part of the world. Sometimes, homeowners choose to house valuable items in their garages, but this can be a very bad idea as mold can grow quickly in areas of your home that are not temperature controlled. Renting a storage unit in Miami is the ideal solution because it gives you the ability to slowly move into your home while keeping your valued items safe and secure.

Proximity to the Water

Moving to Miami means you are never too far away from the ocean. However, proximity to the water, as with most coastal regions comes at a premium. An apartment or house right on the water in Miami will allow you to rub elbows with the elite, but you will be paying the highest prices for rent. Expect to pay anywhere from $1000 to $3000 for a place right on the ocean. For those looking for less extravagant accommodations, the farther from the water you get, the less expensive apartments will be. Little Havana, North Miami, and Miami Lakes offer more affordable housing options where Coral Gables, Key Biscayne, and Miami Beach will be the more expensive accommodations.

A Variety of Public Transit Options

Having your own car in any city is a plus, but if driving is not your forte you can enjoy easy access to public transit throughout Miami. Buses, Trains, and the unique Metromover are the available options for public transportation. The Metromover is a 4.4 mile trolly that runs directly through the city center. For those that choose non-motorized transportation, Miami is a very walkable city, but they also provide CitiBikes for anyone who does not have their own bike, so living here means you can get around easily when and where you need to be.

The Nightlife is An Ongoing Party

Miami is known for its nightlife and it certainly delivers on the rumors. You can party from sun down to sun up in a variety of clubs for every type of person. LIV Miami, E11Even, SPACE, and STORY are some of the most well known and most affluent clubs in the Miami club scene. Be prepared to pay for drinks though. Drinks in a Miami club can cost upwards $20 each.

Do Not Forget to Register Your Vehicle

When moving to Miami you will have a lot to do. Learn how to get around the city, join a gym, because everyone loves a hard body in Miami, and work on your tan, but do not neglect the need to register your vehicle. In some locations you have the ability to wait up to 30 days to register your vehicle and apply for a new license, but in Miami, as with all Florida, you have 10 days. It is best to get the process started as soon as possible to keep down any possible delays. You do not want to wait until the last minute and risk getting pulled over by law enforcement.

Miami is a fun and exciting place to visit, but when you live there, the party never seems to stop. If you are among the many choosing to move to Miami, be ready to know at least some Spanish as roughly 60% of residents speak fluent Spanish and enjoy the party. Miami is not just a party spot, but a place where many companies are choosing to do business as the entertainment scene is thriving. Make a move to Miami today.

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