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Moving to Alicante Spain

Alicante province in Spain has been experiencing an increasing number of retired British people moving there since it is an ideal haven for relocation. Warm weather, a relaxed lifestyle, delectable cuisine, and friendly culture are just a few of the benefits that a move to Alicante can provide. Due to its high level of life and excellent public healthcare, about 6 million immigrants decide to move to Spain and live in Alicante. There are a few places in particular that British retirees love in Alicante, which has long been a popular destination for ex-pats, Not only British ex-pats but there are also American expats in Alicante. The high number of retirees already living in Spain is proof that many people enjoy moving to Alicante.

According to the law firm MySpainVisa, the Spanish consulates in the UK are overloaded with work because there are many retirees who need their non-lucrative visa to live in Spain.

Here are a few more considerations for why moving to Alicante is so appealing.


With 300 days of sunlight annually, Alicante will entice you if you want a year-round summer environment. It is understandable why so many people opt to leave the colder temperatures of the UK in favor of a climate that promotes well-being because the health benefits of living in a warmer climate are well put in place. Retiring in Alicante is the best option if you don't intend to slow down during your retirement because the pleasant weather creates additional options for outdoor activities. The good climate goes hand in hand with beautiful scenery and the surrounding towns such as Santa Bárbara have very spectacular and relaxing views of Alicante city.

Cost of Living

In general, property prices in Costa Blanca real estate are less expensive to purchase than in the UK, and Alicante is a fairly priced city to live in. Compared to cities in the UK, the cost of living in Spain is lower. Buying property in Spain is cheaper for expats in Alicante. The greater financial security that comes with lower living expenses is a welcome relief for the expat community.

Great Transport Network

Air travel is one consideration for anyone moving to Alicante. It is important to be able to fly back to your native country. Alicante airport is an international airport and has numerous daily flights to locations all over the world. Alicante city also has metro systems for public transport. As a result, expats have access to a world-class transportation system.

Health Care in Spain for Retirees

The high caliber of health services in Spain ensures that moving to Alicante will not compromise your access. Private and public healthcare are both parts of the healthcare system. Hospitals and clinics that provide both public and private healthcare are available and numerous. Additionally, Spain comes in at number 19 on the Euro Consumer Health Index.

Requirements to Retire in Alicante

Spain joined the European Union in 1985, and it has been a member of the Schengen region since 1995. This implies that retiring in the nation is fairly simple for EU members. You can live and retire there without a visa if you are an EU citizen.

Non-EU citizens can apply for different types of Spanish visas:

  • Retirement visa, for people who only want to spend their retirement in Spain.
  • Golden visa, for people who have invested €500,000 in a property.
  • Student visa, people who want to do a course in Spain.
  • Spanish Non-lucrative visa, people who want to live in Spain without working, this option is ideal for British retirees who want to retire in Spain.

Depending on the type of visa you apply for, Spain has different visa requirements. First of all, you must prove that you can survive in Spanish cities without a job. Generally, you must prove a minimum monthly income of 2,130 euros.

Moving to Alicante will not slow down your kid's education with British schools also available in the region. The world-class service you will receive will ensure you never miss home. Enjoy a wonderful time in retirement in Iberia without worrying about the world.

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