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Mindful Travel - Visit These 4 Stunning Places
and Be a Better Person

Mindful Travel

There's no doubt that the coronavirus has changed the world as we know it. Even though the situation is horrible right now, it’s easy to focus only on the bad things. To stay sane, we should instead focus on the silver lining. Because everything is shut down, pollution is lower than before. Nature is starting to renew itself and animals all over the world are walking and swimming without fear for the first time in forever. This should make us think of how big of an impact we make on the environment and what we can do to treat it better. After the virus is over, take your chance and volunteer at some of the most stunning places in the world.

1. You can be the hero

Mindful Travel

South Africa has always faced a lot of trouble and now it’s your time to change that. The nature in this beautiful country is more than underrated but offers sights any art and architecture geek would adore. On one side of the country, you’ll find the Big 5 and on the other, you’ll be greeted by beautiful beaches and even be able to see some cute penguins. If this wasn’t enough nature for you, head up to Table Mountain and marvel at Cape Town.

Some of the programs which you can participate in include teaching, health care, and township. Whatever you might be interested in, there’s surely a place for you under the warm South African sun. Most global volunteering opportunities focus on long-term projects which is why not many people apply. If you want to do something meaningful but have limited time on your hands, South Africa is perfect because it offers 2-week volunteering programmes.

2. Travel back in time

Mindful Travel

Even though the possibility of time travel is debatable, you can still visit the past if you go to Peru. This is known as the land of the ancient Incas - what could inspire you to become a better person more than that? You’ll learn about multiple different cultures and how they evolved through time, all the while getting your hands dirty with some groundbreaking work.

Depending on your area of interest, you can volunteer for the Dental Elective or Health Care project. Of course, this is a unique opportunity only for students who study dentistry or medicine, or are pre-med. The most amazing part of this experience is that you’ll be situated with a local host family. This means you’ll get to know the way of life in Peru and understand exactly why it’s one of the most important heritage sites in the world.

3. Make Steve Irwin proud

Mindful Travel

If you want to make a big impact on the most unique animal species in the world, volunteer in Australia. This is the opportunity of a lifetime to see one of the most beautiful countries in the world, but also to help its native animals. With this Wildlife Sanctuary experience in North Queensland, you’ll be in charge of assisting in the maintenance and care of Australian mammals. Crocodiles, parrots, and cockatoos are just part of the species waiting for you.

While you’re in North Queensland, don’t miss the opportunity to visit one of the best cities for backpackers and the richest nature towns in the country- Cairns. If you’re interested in what lies beneath the ocean, you can simply book a diving tour and explore the Great Barrier Reef. Those who prefer walking in nature shouldn’t miss the opportunity to visit The Daintree Rainforest, one of the oldest rainforests in the world. Get to know the Aboriginal culture, see plants you’ve only seen in pictures, and have lunch on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The scenery in Australia is just breathtaking. Maybe you’ll even spot a wild Cassowary somewhere along the way!

4. Can you spell tropical paradise?

Mindful Travel

If you’re always looking at pictures of tropical beaches and people posing with cute elephants, you should take that as a sign that it’s time to start to volunteer abroad in Thailand. This is one of the most beautiful Asian countries that offers innumerable opportunities for exploring, photographing, and doing something truly impactful.

You do in Thailand depends entirely on you and your preferences. The most popular volunteering projects include spending time with kids, interning at a medical project, helping elephants in the village, or teaching the Buddhist monks. If you want to have time to explore this stunning country along with helping improve it, you can find programs that blend travelling and working together. After all, there’s no better time to get to know what you’re fighting to preserve.


As you can see, mindful travel sets the soul free and fuels the heart with love and empathy. Regardless of how much we like to believe we’re above nature- we’re a part of it. That means we owe it to Earth to try to be better people. One day, you’ll want your children to see all the animals you did when you were a kid and to be able to walk in nature. Now’s the time for preservation so that future generations can admire the same views we hold dear to our hearts. It all starts with you.

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