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What Makes Mexico One of the
Most Popular Destinations

Mexico is one of the most popular destinations to visit in the world. The country is bordered by the United States to the north; the Pacific Ocean to the south and west; Guatemala, Belize, and the Caribbean Sea to the southeast; and the Gulf of Mexico to the east.

It is home to some of the most diverse cultures in the world, fascinating history, incredible architectural sites, friendly people, luxury resorts, Mexico villas, and hotels as well as some of the most incredible UNESCO world heritage sites on earth. Let’s dive in a little deeper to understand why so many people flock to visit this beautiful country every year.


Incredible Beaches

A visiting to some of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico, it’s easy to understand why the destination is a popular tourist hot spot. Beaches in the areas of Cancun and Playa del Carmen deserve a special mention. The Hotel Zone of Cancun is lined with beautiful beach front hotels and resort located on an incredible 13 mile stretch of white sandy beach. It is a busy spot but one of the most popular for honeymooners and those looking for an all-inclusive vacation. You can also find some 5-star luxury resorts along this stretch of beach. The sea is calm and has the most beautiful turquoise colour.

Moving further south along the Riviera Maya you will find the town of Playa del Carmen. Once a sleepy fishing village this beautiful area of the Mayan Riviera boasts some stunning beaches, excellent restaurants, and endless things to do. It is one of the most sought-after locations on the Riviera Maya coast. One of the most popular beaches here is Playacar beach. It is a pristine which sandy stretch of beach offering a range of activities such as kayaking, swimming and snorkelling or you can simply sit back, relax and enjoy a book under the shade – the choice is yours! Playa del Carmen is also home to some of the most luxury Mexican villas for rent, many that are beach front while others are a short walk away from this stunning beach.

Fascinating History

Mexico is rich in history and culture. The destination offers some of the most incredible historical sites that are a must-see when you visit. Tulum which is located on the Riviera Maya is one of the most popular places to visit. Tulum features some fascinating preserved ruins, including its castle, city walls, and temples. One of the highlights is its Temple of the Frescoes, home to some breath-taking original frescoes inside. These sites are simply breath-taking and they allow visitors to step back in time and see what Mexico was like hundreds of years ago.

Luxury Properties

Mexico has a range of incredible accommodation options for you to choose from. Whether you want a 5-star luxury resort or an exclusive Mexican Villa on the beach. The choices are endless.

Riviera Maya – You will find a wonderful selection of beachfront villas along the Riviera Maya, many with private pools and a full complement of staff. The majority of luxury villas in the Riviera Maya are located in the areas of Playa del Carmen, Tulum, and Soliman Bay.

Puerto Vallarta offers a beautiful array of luxury properties many with breath-taking views over the town. The location offers a wide range of amenities and things to do for all the family.


Punta Mita is situated about 10 miles north of Puerto Vallarta and is one of the most exclusive locations in Mexico. Here you will find a range of luxury condos, exclusive villas and high-end private estate homes. Punta Mita is an exclusive residential area home to the world-renowned Four Seasons Resort & the St Regis. This 1,500-acre private peninsula is one of the most popular areas for the rich and famous to stay.

Cabo can be found on the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula. The area known as "Los Cabos" or "Cabo" comprises both San Jose del Cabo — the region's less touristic area, home to large residential developments, and historic buildings and Cabo San Lucas — the more touristic-centric city. Cabo is probably one of the most famous places for people to visit especially for Spring Break. Yet it is also a wonderful destination for families to visit since it has an endless number of things to do.


Friendly People

The Mexican people are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. If you are staying in any of the luxury villas in Mexico by Exceptional Villas, you can enjoy full-time staff at your villa to look after your every need. Their knowledgeable concierge will assist with booking this for you if it’s not already included in the rental. Your villa staff are attentive but not intrusive and will ensure you have the most memorable vacation. Whether it’s a gourmet arrival meal

Mayan Ruins

The Mayan Ruins are one of the most popular places to visit while in the Riviera Maya. Chichen Itza is the most famous Mayan ruin in Mexico. The ancient city is dominated by the towering El Castillo temple, which was the centre of what was one of the most powerful Mayan kingdoms in Central America. Chichen Itza has hundreds more temples, ball courts and humble Mayan houses to see, but make sure you get here early to beat the crowds.



A visit to a Cenotes is a must when visiting Mexico. These are typically seenon the Yucatan peninsula. Cenotes are large sinkholes that feature underground rivers and caves carved out of the ancient limestone bedrock. You can find more than 6,000 cenotes in this part of Mexico. The Mayan people believed that cenotes were the entrance to the underworld, and are still considered to be sacred spots.

UNESCO sites

Mexico is home to 35 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the largest number than any other country in the continent and 6th largest in the world. You will find the most incredible places to visit especially if you are interested in History. Some of the UNESCO sites including Sian Ka'an meaning 'Origin of the Sky'. Located on the east coast of the Yucatán peninsula, this biosphere reserve contains the most incredible species of tropical fish, flora, fauna, forests, mangroves and marshes, as well as a large marine section intersected by a barrier reef.

Copper Canyon: Mexico's Grand Canyon

Considered as Mexico’s Grand Canyon yet four times larger than the Grand Canyon in the USA, this world-famous canyon system is one of Mexico’s natural, cultural and historic wonders. It is in fact a series of large canyons that are deeper and narrower than its US counterpart. You can locate the Copper Canyon in the Sierra Madre mountains in Chihuahua on the Northwest of Mexico.

Delicious Food & Drinks

It has to be said that Mexico offers some of the most delicious food on earth. Some of the most popular dishes you have to try while in Mexico include huevos rancheros, tacos, enchiladas, tamales, chilaquiles and guacamole.

Of course you can’t go to Mexico without trying a Margarita with its key ingredient a staple drink in Mexico. Tequila Tequila!!

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