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The Rise of 'Medical Tourism': Why More and More People Are Getting Surgery Abroad

Medical tourism has been on the rise over the last decade. Many people seem to be travelling abroad to seek medical or cosmetic treatment. The practice is becoming popular because there is widely available online communication through which medical providers market their services to patients. There is also an increased movement of health service providers such as doctors to other countries. In some cases, you’ll find that high-income countries in the US and UK have doctors with higher qualifications, and that’s why there is an increase in medical tourists.

Why Do People Prefer Medical Tourism?

There are many procedures and treatments that people undergo during a medical trip, but the most common ones include fertility treatment, cosmetic surgery, dental care, cancer treatment and organ and tissue transplantation. There are many reasons people travel to other countries to get health care or some special procedures. Below are some of the reasons:

  • In some countries, getting treatment or a surgical procedure might be cheaper than in a person’s home country.
  • Some people prefer getting health care from a medical practitioner that understands and shares their language and culture.
  • Some countries have laws that ban certain procedures or probably lack qualified personnel.

What is the Cost of a Medical Tour?

Although the practice is already popular, it’s expected to grow in the next decade. For cosmetic procedures and individual interest in services, the cost is very important as it has to be considered in decision making. Healthcare costs in some countries are excessively high, so many insurance companies and employers thought it would be better to lower the prices by promoting medical tourism. Many countries already see the financial benefits of this market, so they’re now offering cheaper medical services. A factor contributing to countries lowering their medical service costs is their economic status. Therefore, countries that perform better economically offer quality services at the best-standardised price.

Better Services and Higher Quality

Anyone seeking medical treatment wants to get quality services, whether technical, mechanical or functional. The core of medical treatment is technical equipment used in the diagnostic algorithm and, at times to perform procedures. Proper technical equipment is essential as it determines how the medical services will be delivered. You can measure functional quality through the type of service offered in a facility by the staff, nurses and doctors. All these aspects play a major role in the market, and they will determine the quality of medical service provided. A major barrier to accepting medical tourism is that people fear getting inadequate quality. However, many medical facilities have tried to help patients overcome this fear by getting quality assessments via accreditation by recognised institutions. Once a facility is accredited, it becomes part of international referral networks known for its quality service provision.

Choosing a Country Cosmetic Surgery

The good news is that once you have found the desired facility, insurance and travel companies will help plan your medical tour. These agencies have specialised in counselling and following up with patients even during the trip. They guarantee the best treatment options at the best prices. For instance, if you’re thinking of getting plastic surgery in Turkey, Body Expert will help you find the right facility and in each step of care from finding the right quote.


If you’re thinking about going on a medical trip, it’s crucial you plan. Most importantly, it would help if you made plans for your follow-up care in your country because most surgeons and doctors are hesitant to care for a patient who received treatment in another country. Arranging your follow-up care before leaving for the trip will make it easier for you to transition and heal well at home under the care of a professional doctor. Ensure you also discuss the benefits and risks involved with the doctor to weigh the better option. With those arrangements in place, you’ll have a high level of health care leading to a safer and relaxing experience.

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