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Malaysia is the vacation destination that will impress you with countless leisure opportunities: spectacular modern buildings, temples, mosques and beautiful colonial buildings, impressive natural landscapes and a rich culinary variety.

Malaysia - a mix of heterogeneous cultures and natural wonders - is the ideal location for a holiday and offers the surprising and memorable occasion to discover unique gastronomic experiences and also unique and colorful festivals. According to the CTN News, a great deal is going on in this area of the world.

Traveling in Malaysia

The most spectacular view of Malaysia is given by the Petronas Twin Towers, among the tallest buildings in the world, in the capital Kuala Lumpur. This cosmopolitan city is always vibrant and colorful thanks to the multi-cultural inhabitants. 30 km west of the busy capital city you will meet Shah Alam, the aluminum giant blue dome of the Mosque of State, and in Carey Island you'll find a community of local artisans of wood, called Mahmeri. Also worth visiting in Kuala Lumpur is Lake Gardens, a huge park, an oasis in the middle of the city, spread over 92 hectares, with many attractions for all tastes and budgets including orchid gardens or hibiscus, a planetarium, the Police Museum, a nature reserve of deer, butterflies and birds, and the Museum of Islamic Art.

Twin Towers
Petronas Twin Towers

Batu Caves, where Hindu temples are carved into the caves, also attracts many tourists. Batu is 13 km from Kuala Lumpur city center. Particularly impressive is the giant statue of Hindu god Murugan, and the 272 steps that you have to climb to reach the temple.

At Alor Star, also called the 'Rice Bowl of Malaysia' due to the rice plantations that surround it, you enter a vast open market where you can discover a wide range of products, including traditional souvenirs and handmade items. Here you will also find the past of this country by visiting the State Museum and the State Art Gallery, two of the most popular attractions for foreign tourists.

In Langkawi you will discover lush tropical vegetation and amazing caves, where over time the water has created impressive figures in the limestone formations. Langkawi Islands are the perfect destination for an exotic vacation, which offers a wide range of accommodations - from beach bungalows to refined five star resorts, idyllic beaches, tropical forests or fascinating and unusual villages. The archipelago comprises 99 tropical islands (or 104, depending on the tide), located in the north of Peninsula Malaysia, accessible both by water and air. Clear waters, sandy white beaches, lined with palm trees, impressive coral reefs, creates a relaxing paradise on Earth. The adventure enthusiasts can practice different water sports: windsurfing, kayaks, snorkeling or fishing in the marine waters, but all of these are recommended only in the dry season.

Langkawi Islands

In Malacca you'll be captivated and delighted by a trip into the history of the area, taking the narrow streets, visiting old temples, mosques and medieval fortresses of the Portuguese and Dutch colonial periods.

Known as the 'Pearl of the Orient,' Penang is the oldest British colony and the most famous Malaysian destination, so attractive and inviting by its bright colors and the variety of locations: Fort Cornwallis, Botanical Gardens, Penang Hill, Butterfly Farm, Lek Lok Si and Snake Temple. In Penang, you will capture the multicultural history of places with rich colonial tradition but also with Chinese influences. The long and peaceful coexistence illustrates Penang's cultural exchanges between descendants of the great faiths: Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, but also the Chinese religion which combines Taoism and Confucianism with Buddhism.

At Taman Negara in the unique opportunity to cross the oldest rainforest in the entire world, where you’ll discover a lush and extremely rich fauna, the result of the undisturbed evolution along 130 million years. It's the ideal destination for jungle trekking with specialized guides and other interesting activities of leisure: fishing, boating, climbing, camping, bird-watching, observing the behavior of animal species in their natural environment or visiting some settlements of the Orang Asli indigenous and much more.

Blessed with the most admirable creations of nature, Sabah (Borneo Island) is the land where nature comes alive in all its splendor. You can climb one of the highest peaks in Southeast Asia - Peak Kinabalu, you can go to Danum Valley for jungle trekking or choose to travel to Sukau - one of the few places in the world to observe the Proboscis monkeys and orangutans.

Malaysia awaits you with arms wide open, ready to offer you one of the most spectacular holidays of your life!

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