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How to Make the Best of a Long Layover

long layover

Traveling comes with its own sets of challenges, contrary to the pictures you might see of people traveling on Instagram.

From budgeting to airport issues, there are many variables that you can’t control. And this can make your trip harder than it should be.

One of these challenges would be having to deal with a long layover.

A long layover isn’t something that people want when they want to get to their destination in the quickest way possible. However, it can be an unavoidable thing sometimes when you book your overseas flight.

Layovers on an international trip are even more of a hassle, mind you. You can find more tips at the United airport parking.

Sometimes, the biggest hassle that comes with your layover would be the long waiting time. Layovers can take a couple of minutes to an entire day.

For one influencer, he had the opportunity to stay in the Helsinki Airport for 30 days.

So, if you find yourself edging more towards the latter, you need to find the best ways to make the most out of your long layover. For more help you can look for MIA Arrivals similar services and information platforms before deciding anything. Here are seven ideas that can help you with that problem:

Go out and explore the city

If you have a day and a night free to yourself, then you should go out and explore the city you’re in.

Look at the long layover as a chance to do a mini-travel pitstop on your way to your actual destination. Research about local spots and visit them. Try out local grub and do a short activity that you can only do in that city.

Ensure that you have all of your valuables in your carry-on when you’re traveling and exploring the city. Make sure that you factor in the waiting time for the customs lines and transit on the way back to the airport.

You want to enjoy your long layover, but you don’t want to miss your flight.

Catch up on sleep

If you don’t have a hard time falling asleep anywhere, then you can use this long layover as an opportunity to catch up on your Z’s.

Not all airports have comfortable bench seating that are great for relaxing in. Thus, if you’re not too particular, you probably can survive a long layover anywhere through a sweet slumber.

There are plenty of airports, though, that acknowledges that many travelers may need to catch up on their sleep.

For example, in Singapore’s Changi Airport, they have a dedicated set of reclining loungers for people looking for a nice nap, which people know as the Sleeping Lounges.

If you don’t want to sleep on a reclining lounger, you can even book a nap room in the airport to get some more privacy.

Do some workout

If you’re someone who’s really into their physical fitness and aren’t ashamed of it, then you can spend that long layover doing a bit of workout in the airport.

Doing a bit of yoga can help with your posture and lets your body stretch out, which is crucial if you’re traveling in a plane for a long time.

Gyms in airports aren’t very common, but they do exist. Therefore, if you want to work out, try to check whether your airport has a gym.

If you’re going to do a workout, make sure that the airport has showers that you can use to clean yourself up. You don’t want to be that seatmate in the plane that’s stinking for the entire flight.

Enjoy an airport lounge

If you have access to the airport lounge, then make the most of it when you can.

The great thing about enjoying an airport lounge is that you can use it for many things. You can sleep more comfortably there. You can also make use of their free food and drinks, so gobble away the food while you’re there.

If you aren’t a business or elite status passenger, you don’t have to worry about not being able to access the lounge. Nowadays, airports are offering day passes for people, which you can take up on a long layover.

Eat a proper meal

Don’t be too paranoid about missing your flight for a long layover. Use this opportunity to eat an actual meal instead of fast food.

If you can, try and leave the airport if possible and try some local grub while you’re there.

Research about your destination

While you’ve got the free time, you might as well get to know your destination.

Rarely do we prepare enough for our trips. Use this chance to research the local weather, a few key phrases in the local language, and remind yourself of your itinerary again.

Check into a transfer hotel

Checking into a transfer hotel is an excellent choice for travelers with really long layovers.

You can book a room at the transfer hotel by the hour, so you won’t have to spend as much money as you might think.

Over to You

A long layover isn’t something that you may usually look forward to unless you find a way to make it more fun and useful for you.

Instead of twiddling your thumbs at the airport benches waiting for your next flight, why not check out the city, explore the airport, or get some rest?

There’s always a way you can make a long layover work for you. Apply the ideas on this list, and you’ll have a much smoother transition to your next flight.

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