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5 Best Luxury SUVs to rent on
National Day of Dubai in 2020

Luxury SUVs

The celebration of National day has become a tradition in every country of the world. People of Dubai also celebrate their national day on 2nd December every year by commuting around in different areas of the city. To watch different types of shows i.e., fireworks, parades, cultural shows, and laser shows in a single day, Dubai residents usually spent their whole day traveling. It is hectic to travel on public transport and wait for it to stop, so we suggest you rent an SUV from any professional Car Rental Dubai company.

What are SUVs?

Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) is a motorcar having a shape featured with chunky, sport style, big wheels, and more clearance height. If you are spending a tough life in which you have to pass through off-road ways, SUVs will be the best choice for you as these can travel off-road along with on-road.

Besides this feature, SUVs styling has been increasing day by day with the demand for it. If you are new to Dubai, you should hire this luxurious car due to its huge interior and best exterior. Moreover, this auto will provide you protection from accidents on slippery roads.

Why should you hire an SUV in Dubai on National Day?

SUV is a superb car to drive. Most people dream of driving luxurious exotic cars. Such people whenever go to an auto company, always select their dream cars, whether they are buying it or renting it, to maintain their elite status in society. But some people see the facts and figures before hiring a car i.e what are advantages of driving this vehicle?

Well, you should rent an SUV not only because of its high driving position, modern style and design, but also because of its huge inside capacity. This seven-seater wheel is perfect for a family trip on this national day. There is also the capacity of luggage within it. The excellent feature of an SUV that will urge you to hire this vehicle immediately is its best technology for increasing mpg by reducing emissions, leading to economic driving due to less fuel.

Luxury SUVs

Topmost luxury SUVs for renting in Dubai

Sport Utility Vehicle is one of the most amazing cars in Dubai. You can buy or rent this car from any automobile industry. People often get confused about which SUV to choose from a fleet of SUVs. The following are 5 best luxurious SUVs to rent on this national day of Dubai.

Audi Q2

Audi Q2 is a highly spacious SUV. Audi vehicles are presented in four sizes of Q models. If you want to buy the most stylish and affordable wheels, Audi Q2 is perfect for you. It consists of a head-turning body having an amazing interior. The engine of this car has a fuel capacity of 1.4 liters capacity.

Due to its small size and lightweight, you will find it the most fun driving SUV car in Dubai. If you are going for a long vacation or commercial trip to Dubai, you should lease Audi Q2 from the best Car Lease Dubai company during your stay in UAE.

Luxury SUVs

Mercedes G-Wagon AMG G63

Mercedes G-Wagon is considered as a tough automobile due to its potential of tackling muddy off-road routes, mountain terrain, and wading high water tracks. If you have to travel on far off places including off-road tracks, we suggest you hire this SUV.

Some people are looking forward to renting this wheel on a national day due to its fast pumping kit of great spread. The family trip will be more charming when you will explore the destination of every member’s choice on Dec 2 this year in your super speedy auto. As the demand for SUVs will rise near UAE’s National Day, so grab this time and book your dream SUV in advance from the best car rental Dubai service providers.

Range Rover Sport SVR

Range Rover Sport SVR is the best ever luxury car to drive in Dubai. It has a built-in supercharged V8 engine of 5-liter capacity providing the power with the maximum output of 542 HP along with the torque of 680Nm. You can drive this car at a superb speed of 260km/hour due to its amazing efficiency of power transmission.

Even if you are traveling with your family and kids, this car will be best to drive as it will maintain its speed with accuracy instead of making you ill. This exotic auto weighs about 2.4 tons with 4 wheels and great inside space.


Lamborghini is one of the best SUVs to drive in Dubai on the national day of 2020. This is a supercar having 2.2 tonnes developed SUV, a twin-turbo V8 engine of 4 liters capacity. The maximum power output of this vehicle is 641 bhp with a maximum torque of 627 pounds per feet.

You can drive this exotic fun vehicle at the high speed of 190 mph on the off-road track as well as on-road tracks of UAE. If you are going for a business project in this city and you need a car for half or one year only, you should contact a professional car lease Dubai company for leasing this luxury SUV for your longer stay in this district.

Luxury SUVs


BMW is a striking vehicle to drive in the city. It has a highly efficient Biturbo V8 engine running with a fuel capacity of 4.4 liters. The maximum power output of the BMW X5 is 575hp with the torque of 750Nm for the smooth driving of the car.

There is an electronic automated built-in system for driving the car. But this electronic agent will get dangerous when the car crosses the horizon at a speed of greater than 250 kilometers per hour. Its lightweight will not frustrate you even after a drive of several hours.

Hire the best luxury SUV from Dubai automobile rentals to be a part of the grand celebrations of UAE National Day of 2020 in Dubai.

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