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Luxury Stays in Western Australia

Luxury Stays

Western Australia offers some of the most beautiful scenery and ways to interact with the natural environment. To make the most of any visit there are endless activities and many different accommodations from camping to the utmost in luxury hotels. Luxury Lodges of Australia offer a way to comfortably, and in style. Stay in luxury at various locations throughout the country.

Luxury is created not only through location and views, but with comfortable beds and quality linens, amenities that meet any need and many wants including pools, stereos and televisions, and access to dining on site. Fine dining restaurants included within the resort or hotel offer an opportunity to enjoy the best local cuisine, and breakfast or family restaurants offer variety and more relaxed options. Room service is frequently available, and some luxury accommodations include kitchens, border golf courses, or have spas available for all guests.

Luxury Lodges are present in the top vacation spaces in Australia, including Tasmania and Margaret River. Each location offers the highest levels of luxury in the area, has fine dining on site, and access to several activities that are local to the area. This string of hotels and resorts use the best suppliers and serve local foods and wines at their restaurants.

To experience true luxury is to know that every need is met on site with the option to go into town and do any shopping or access the local culture. Sleep well on the highest quality linens and lounge around the pools or in the living areas.

Margaret River Accommodation

Margaret River is a wine region that hosts the best wineries in the area. Cape Lodge is located upon their own vineyard and offers the feeling of a country estate with privacy and quiet. Paths allow for access to walk through the expansive gardens, and the country estate feels welcoming to everyone. A hall accommodates events and allows for private functions to feel as though they are indeed private and away from the world. The luxury extends beyond the rooms and throughout the resort.

For a country feel with the amenities of the top city hotels, this lodge has the best of both. Suites, rooms, and a private guest house for events are all available on site, with a variety of styles that will suit anyone. The gardens and nearby nature preserve offer opportunities to interact with the environment and see the animals and plants that can only be seen there.

Whether travelling around Australia with several stops or vacationing at one location for the length of the stay, there are luxurious accommodations available. From camping to glamping, cabins to hotels, outdoor adventures or wine tastings and shopping, there is something for everyone. Luxury Lodges of Australia is the key to a high end luxurious experience all around the country and will ensure that each guest has the best experience possible during their stay. Enjoy local cuisine that is supplied locally, wine from the onsite winery at Margaret River, and experience the outdoor adventures and sights.

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