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Here's Why Ladakh Should Be on the
Bucket List of Every Millennial

Ladakh map

Ladakh is undoubtedly one of the most preferred places to visit amongst the millennials.

LehLadakh is a traveler's delight. It would offer an unforgettable experience to its visitors. For the best time of your life, you must book one of the best Ladakh tour packages for your next vacation. Some of the many reasons to visit this beauty are listed below. Let us have a look at why Ladakh is on the list of every millennial:-

  • Scenic Landscapes - Ladakh is conveniently nestled amidst the beautiful Himalayan Ranges. To experience the best views of the Karakoram and Himalayan ranges, Ladakh is an ideal location. Ladakh is blessed with various kinds of colored sand, crystal clear lakes, snow-capped mountains, ancient monasteries, and vegetation patches here and there. Ladakh is undoubtedly a marvel for all nature and photography lovers.
  • Home to various Festivals - If exploring various other cultures is what interests you then Ladakh allows you to experience the rich Tibetan and Buddhist culture. The best way to do so is by experiencing the various festivals of Ladakh. Some of the various festivals worth witnessing here include Dosmoche, Tak, Hemis, Phyang, Losar, and various others. All these festivals are beautifies by cultural dance performances and events worth adoring. The music here is produces using many instruments some of which you might not even have seen before. To be a part of the festivities you must plan your visit accordingly during the festival dates as per the Tibetan calender.
  • Delicious Ladakhi Cuisine - Ladakhi Cuisine is one of the most unique cuisines to try out. Be it thukpas or hot steamy momos or pink tea ladakh offers it all. You can try out the local delights ither in a cafe or restaurant or any streetside local shop. All in all, you get to relish the traditional flavors of India, Nepal, and Tibet. There are choices for both non-vegetarians and vegetarians. Plus, the chery on the cake is that you get to enjoy your food with the spectacular views of the Himalayas.

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  • Camping and Trekking - Ladakh is one of the most beautiful places for adventure-filled activities like trekking and camping. The trekking trails of Ladakh allows one to get close to the marvelous scenic landscapes of Ladakh. Camping by the lakes and adoring the stars under a blanket are some of the exciting activities to experience here. You can book some of the available Ladakh tour packages in advance for renowned treks like the Chadar Trek.
  • Ladakh is home to exotic flora and fauna -Ladakh offers an opportunity to explore the rare and exotic species of both animals and plants that you might haven't even have heard of. It is home to the rare nimble ibex, Tibetan wild ass, and Tibetan antelope amongst others. One of the best ways to explore around is to take a wildlife safari at Hemis National Park. The vegetation is found in patches but is different and amazing. Some easily spotted animals include the blue sheep. Some other places to visit in search of rich flora and fauna are Nubra Valley, Changthang, and Zanskar Valley.

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  • The ideal location for biking - Biking is the love of the millennials. Biking amidst the beautiful landscapes of Ladakh is a dream for many. The thrill of exploring the high mountain passes like Chang La, Tanglang La, and Khardung La is one of the most memorable experiences to have. Some of the mountain biking routes that you can consider are from Leh to Hemis, to Kharding La and back, from Leh to Alchi, and others.
  • The delicious Cuisine of Ladakh - Millennial love to explore and when it comes to food there's no stopping ever. In Ladakh, one gets to relish the exclusive Ladakhi cuisine. The Ladakhi cuisine is a mingle of Tibetan, Indian, and Nepali delicacies. You can either head to the local streetside vendors or some renowned cafe or restaurant and enjoy the local dishes. Some of the dishes worth trying while in Ladakh include momos, Khambir, Butter Tea, Chutagi, Thenktuk, Thukpa, Skyu, and Mokthuk.

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