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The Top 8 Essential Items for
International Travel

By Tanya Jacobs

We live in age where technology has permeated just about every facet of our daily lives, and while it’s not always a good thing, it has also given us the opportunity to experience the world in ways that our ancestors never could.

One facet that has benefited greatly from modern technology is travel. Travel was once an expensive undertaking mainly limited to the wealthy, and those that did manage to travel often had an uncomfortable trip due to a lack of basic gear. Whether it was because you couldn’t capture that perfect photograph because of tourists, or the coffee you made while camping was disgusting; these are just some of the things that modern tech has improved greatly.

With all that in mind, these are the top 8 essential travel items that all modern travellers should have on their adventures through the world...

  1. Portable Coffee Percolator
    There have always been two ways of acquiring coffee while on the road. The first is to simply buy it from a local coffee shop or vendor. This is usually fine enough, but if you find yourself staying on camping grounds, bought coffee is generally out of the question.

    The next best choice is to bring the tools necessary to make your own coffee. This is where a portable percolator comes in. They are small, mobile, and allow you to make your own brewed coffee as strong as you need it. Travellers are advised to have a small gas stove for the percolator.

  2. Power Bank
    Smart phones are incredible inventions. They allow us to navigate the world, take pictures, send texts, make calls, play real money online pokies games, and so much more; but their biggest crutch is their short battery life.

    The average smart phone has around two days of battery before they need a recharge, and this can become a problem while on the road. Having a power bank is immensely useful, and they come in a range of shapes, sizes, and charges. It’s recommended to have at least a 20000 mAH power bank around all the time.

  3. Mini Drone
    You’ve spent all day walking to a famous picture spot, and you’re getting ready to take a photograph that will define your entire trip – and then a group of tourists get in the way. It’s a problem people have had for years, and one that can now be addressed.

    Small, portable drones that can be controlled by smart phones are available and have a relatively long range. Bear in mind that drones tend to be quite loud, and there are several countries around the world that have banned from usage in a public area.

  4. Noise-Cancelling Earbuds or Headphones
    Travelling may mean having to use a train or bus to get where you need to go. This means that you will be surrounded by a lot of movement from many sides; movement that generates a lot of noise. And this means having to share an enclosed space with people that aren’t too fond of peace and quiet. So that you can make your commutes easier for your ears, and way more enjoyable, a pair of high-quality noise-cancelling earphones is an absolute must if you want some quiet time during a long trip.

    And then back home, these are some of the best radio headphones for lawn mowing.

  5. Ear Plugs
    Once you’ve reached your destination, you’ll probably be worn out, and want to stay at the local backpacker’s commune for the night, which often means sharing a room with someone who snores loudly.

    A simple pair of earplugs is a necessity for a good night’s sleep, and often enough can be used for swimming.

  6. Compact Camera
    Wanting to take high-quality photographs doesn’t mean purchasing a DSLR camera that would cost as much as a car. Rather, opt for a small, compact camera, preferably above 10 megapixels of quality, for those times where your Android or iPhone simply doesn’t do the job.
  7. Luggage Tracker
    Everyone has that story of the time they lost their luggage at an airport. It’s extremely common, and it can become a real problem if you’re travelling through a foreign country with a language you don’t speak or understand.

    An easy way to get around this is a luggage tracker. These small, GPS-powered devices fit snugly into any-sized bag or suitcase, and link directly to your smart phone, allowing you to keep track of your items in real-time. It’s important to keep in mind that many of these trackers require a subscription, and they don’t have an extremely long battery life.

  8. Portable Pillow
    There are few things worse than being stuck on a bus or in a car and not having something comfortable to lay your head back on.

    There is a range of small but extremely comfortable pillows that are specifically designed to provide your head and neck with support no matter how you’re situated. These are a must-have for any traveller and ensure that you won’t be stuck with an aching neck while on the go.

Tanya Jacobs is a former sports journalist, now blogging about all things wellness. An avid hiker, she's climbed some of the tallest peaks in the world, survived a shipwreck, and camped in Yosemite for a month. Now a digital nomad, Tanya and her partner share their home in California with a cheeky cat named Eliot.
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