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Venice has a uniquely romantic and charming ambience. A monument to the glory days of the Renaissance, the city remains virtually unchanged over the past 600 years. It's full of tourists in the summer but there are no cars.
Visiting Venice...

Venice map
Known worldwide for its historic downtown with its many canals, Venice has plaid an important role in world history.

Since 1987 Venice and its lagoon are on the World Heritage List of UNESCO. Because of its wealth of beautiful architecture, Venice is often used as decor for films and painters. Many artists and writers have gained inspiration here.

If you've never been to Venice, You will be flabbergasted by the way they have managed to build something of such high quality and beauty. If you've already been there, this feeling remains mostly unchanged. Venice is just one big monumental romantic open air museum, where a normal person simply never can get enough of.

Venice has to offer lots more! Make sure that you have a good walking map with all the streets, canals and the stops for the water-bus called 'vaporetto'. If you go for a walk, try taking random turns, and then you will get to experience the real 'off the beaten track' Venice!


Venice, which consists of more than a hundred islands, is a popular destination and is one of the most visited cities in Italy. The ultimate selling point of Venice is of course the location of the ancient city on islands in a lagoon, transportation therefore is forced to be mostly by water. Besides a railroad track, there is only one road from the mainland, in the town itself there are no cars.

The many canals and the beautiful Venetian gondolas are a huge attraction to tourists from all over the world. That's why many people say, you have to see Venice at least once before you die.

Annually organizes various events and festivals. The most famous event is the thousand-year old annual Venice Carnival. Every 2 years you can visit the biennial art exhibition "Venice Biennale". The Lido, which was one of the first mundane seaside resorts, is the location of the Venice Film Festival. Actually there isn't a bad time to visit Venice. Each season has its attractions and charm. For example, in the winter is the Venice Carnival...


To experience the pleasure of avoiding all the tourists, you can take a boat to sail through the lagoon. For example, the boat trip between Chioggia and Lido. Chioggia is the southernmost town in the lagoon and is a nice cozy fishing village. For this cruise, you start at Chioggia or Lido. You take the 'vaporetto' line number 11 (Lido - Chioggia) and experience a wonderful trip across the water. And perhaps most importantly, you won't see many tourists. The islands and villages that you see along the trip give you the idea of how it once was in this ancient lagoon. Visit some islands, look around and experience the magic of the real Venice, the beautiful harbors and quays.


You'll find the secret spots of Venice when you go to the small squares. You automatically run into these squares as you wander around in Venice through the streets. Suddenly you're walking in a square like "Campo San Polosquare" square, or perhaps "Campo San Margherital." Whatever, relax and drink a lovely glass of white wine and let everything quietly descend from your imagination...

Campo San Margherital

Other places where you can experience the silence, are the (small) churches. If you look closely, there are many and mostly they are open! These are all little trips to escape the many tourists in Venice. Just do it, it feels good, especially because then you can really enjoy what Venice has to offer.

The city has often faced floods, especially between November and February, coming from the Adriatic Sea. Because of the swampy ground, the buildings in Venice are built on wooden poles, just like in Amsterdam. Because of the sea level rising and the low-lying land, Venice is in serious danger.

Flood in San Marco

From all over the world, organizations help to protect the beautiful Venice. The government is now working on a permanent solution to this problem and these organizations donate money to restore the old Pallazo and art treasures from flood damage. Thanks to that, beautiful Venice can last for many more years to come.

Venice canalo

Discover the ancient Venice, experience the silence, dive into Casanova's time, see the international appeal and dream away as you write in your journal about your Venice experiences.

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