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How to Prepare Like a Pro
for an International Trip

international trip

The successful international trip requires adequate and meticulous preparation. This is how you ensure that you have everything you need in good time to avoid the last minute rush, which might lead to an unnecessary panic that might eventually ruin the trip. The good thing is that if you start the preparation in good time, you will finish in good time such that when your departure date finally arrives, you are relaxed and ready to get the most of the trip. Since most people face a huge challenge when it comes to the planning, here are some of the things you should consider doing if you want to plan and execute the trip like a pro -:

international trip

Security and health

As far as your security and health when going for an international trip are concerned, consider the following:

Travel vaccines and travel insurance – check in with your travel doctor to know the compulsory and the recommend travel vaccines you will be required to take. These will vary depending on your destination, as well as risks of exposure. Ensure to have any proof or documentation which may be needed to indicate that you have gotten the various vaccination. For instance, if you are traveling to East Africa, you must show proof for Yellow Fever vaccination.

You should also make arrangements for a travel insurance. Most people tend to ignore this only to find themselves in situations where they are compelled to spend more money where the travel insurances would have easily have them sorted.

Make copies of your passport – you should make copies of your passport as a precautionary measure so that in the event that your passport is stolen, you have a starting point and you will still be able to get back to your country. It is always disheartening to go through the hassles of renewing my passport then lose and start the process again from scratch.

Register with the embassy – though this is not necessarily a requirement for some people, it is for safety and convenience. This is just so that there are troubles in your host country, then your embassy will know where you are and it will be easy to get you to safety more conveniently.

international trip

Taking care of your money

Most people are usually very excited about the prospects of an international trip, however, things end up not working as they had wanted simply because they are unable to take good care of their money. If you want to have a good experience when traveling abroad, you must become a master at spending. The last thing you want is to get broke in a foreign country, and here are some tips to help you get the most with your money -:

Know the conversion rates before you leave – of course, you will need the local currency and so there are some conversions you will be doing. Know the rates before you leave and have a rough estimate of how much you will need.

Alert your credit card company about your travel – before leaving, let your credit card company know that you will be using the credit card in another country so that it is not flagged and blocked. This is a necessary measure as most companies nowadays block cards used abroad due to increased cybercrimes. To avoid this inconvenience, simply let them know where exactly you will be using the card.

Don’t change your money at the airport – when you want to change your money, head over to the banks or the ATMs but always avoid the bureaus at the airport or around the city center as they usually tend to rip people off. Banks and ATMs will always offer better and more accurate rate.

international trip

Local Research

Whether your destination is Jumby Bay Island or Paris, you will want to have some prior knowledge about where you are visiting to ensure a good experience. This calls for some research so that you can have an idea of what to expect and also so as to manage your expectations. Here is what you should do-:

Get tickets early for the places you desire to see and visit – by purchasing in advance, you are likely to get them at the early bird price and also you will avoid long lines on an actual day.

Get guidebooks but don’t trust them completely – get a couple of guidebooks to give you maps, and key phrases that will get you going in that place. The guidebook will also let you know some of the most popular places worth visiting. However, don’t usually trust the guidebooks completely, especially when it comes to food recommendations. Sometimes it is a good idea to explore and find out on your own.

Research the events that will be happening when you are around – attending local events is a great way to get to know the locals better and understand their culture. Be sure to research and know if there are any events you could attend and have a chance to interact more with the locals.

international trip

The electronics to carry

As usual, you will want to carry some gadgets, but be sure to not carry more than two if you can't carry your phone alone. Carrying lots of gadgets might get you distracted and deny you the chance to get most from your trip. For your phone, be sure to switch off roaming services so that you don't use the international rates offered by your carrier since they are always very expensive. Finally, remember to bring a charger so that you don’t suffer the inconvenience of having a dead phone throughout the trip.

international trip

Packing and Luggage

Be sure to pack very conservatively, ensuring that you have all the essentials you need while avoiding a heavy luggage that might make the airline charge you for extra weight. Have all the items you can't afford to lose on the carry-on bag, including your passport since you don't want to concern yourself with how to renew my passport again before it is time to renew it. If you feel you have a lot of staff on the check-in bag or it appears to be so heavy, call the airline and ask them about the luggage limitation and decide if you will have to pay for the extra kilos or if you will have to remove some items.

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