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Fabulous Ideas for Celebrating
Your Birthday in NYC

If you’re worrying to come up with ideas to celebrate your birthday, don’t forget—you live in the top city in the world! There’s no better place to enter yet another year of life.

Whether you’re considering checking something off your NYC bucket list, or get around the city, Our NYC party bus is the best setting for large groups celebrating special events, here are some of our preferred birthday ideas nyc.

Check out a Broadway demonstration

Seeing a Broadway play always marks a distinct event in NYC, so why not delight yourself for your birthday? From classics like Great and The Lion King to stylish beginners like Hamilton and Frozen, pick the one you’ve been eager to see.

Call your friends for rooftop drinks relaxing

Call your friends for rooftop birthday drinks. It will make you feel as you have never ever felt before, but is still cool to plan no problem what size your group is.

Have a tranquil twilight at a concert by candlelight

Sometimes birthdays tend to bring more pressure than fun for those who do not plan it properly. If you are someone who’s more into low-key activities, a classic Candlelight concert is flawless for you and will make you to forget your worries

Have birthday dinner in the dark

If you want to make your birthday dinner something really different have birthday dinner in dark. Trust on all your other senses (besides sight) to truly taste for superb courses, with wine. This is the only practice of this kind in birthday ideas NYC!

Laugh screamingly at a comedy club

Why not get this party started by releasing everyone up with some laughter? It will provide a chance to get rid of our hectic routine. There Isa lot of comedy clubs in NYC perfect for giggling the night away

Private Film Broadcast

You can host a private film screening of any film of your choice in with floor to ceiling screens. We allow you to carry your own meal to enjoy in the lobby. Generate a custom-themed combination to love on the trolley ride over, to make invitees for your chosen film category

Have a tea party for grown-ups

If your birthday is approaching in spring, you’re lucky! You can have a tea party with mind-blowing menu, with a welcome drink, original cocktails served in tea cups, small pastries and other snacks to have more fun.

Plan an overnight exit

If you want to get out of the city for your special day, why not take a super exclusive train trip, so that you may feel fresh.

A Disco party (on roller skates!)

You can spend your birthday dancing away to disco music sounds like your ideal motion; there can be of DJs playing the best tunes, expert roller skater performers, plus unlimited fun.

Ice Cream Show

Take your NY Trolley to the Museum of Ice Cream for ice cream experience on your special day. Taste signature zests like Churro , Piñata, and Malt Shake ice cream on a charmed floating table in front of you. Then step on your NY Trolley and move to at Rockefeller Center, where you get a free scoop to rejoice your birthday!

Shuffle it Up

Keep your invitees on their toes with a party at Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club. This enormous venue proposals 10 shuffleboard courts, gaming tables, a DJ, and revolving food trucks and many more. They even allow you to bring your own cake.


Do something special to make your birthday memorable event with our exclusive birthday ideas NYC. This will give you more happiness and fun you have never experienced before.

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