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The frozen island lost between the European and the American continents, somewhere in the far north, is actually not so frozen and is stunningly exceptional.

Imagining the best travel destinations of the world, people usually think about the biggest metropolises, the most crowded beaches or place where everyone else seems to go, but few truly know that the Earth is amazing, packing many wonders and treasures. More and more travelers are beginning to discover and acknowledge the pure and raw beauty of once rarely visited places, just like Iceland.

Traveling in Iceland

Combining the huge wild landscapes that could leave anyone breathless with some exceptional natural wonders, the lost heritage of the Vikings with a unique and authentic culture and the lively cities with the traditional fishing villages, doubled by exciting adventure opportunities, Traveling in Iceland might be one of the best ideas ever.

Iceland is actually considered the safest country in the world for travelers, and people who truly want to find a deeper purpose of life would do well to explore this magnificent destination. Contrary to most other countries, where most visitors come to the cities and choose the easy experience, Iceland is best known for its wilderness, frozen solid part of the year and otherwise filled with lavish green landscapes. The magnificent national and natural parks of Iceland are among the highlights, with some of the most iconic landscapes on Earth, teeming with unique wildlife and truly inspiring. The Vatnajokull National Park surrounding Europe's largest glacier covers more than 10% of the whole country, featuring pristine glacial landscapes, while the Snaefellsnes features a glacier that is also an active volcano. Höfn is a convenient base for exploring the region. There are many other natural wonders around Iceland, like the famous Blue Lagoon, the Golden Falls, the hot springs spread around the southern part or the magical spectacle of the Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis.

Skaftafell Ice Caves
Breathtaking Skaftafell Ice Caves in Iceland

Unique nature and adventure trails cross the vast scenery of the island, linking unbelievable landmarks and truly inspiring places. One of the best known is the Golden Circle route, starting from the capital and linking major attractions. Iceland is also the land of whale watching, fishing, hiking, horseback riding and everything in between. Iceland is also a fascinating cultural destination, starting from the capital of Reykjavik, an elegant and fresh destination, with an amazing vibrant atmosphere. Most of its attractions are packed in the small historical centre, with the colorful typical houses set around the charming Tjornin Lake. Among its best landmarks we can include the huge Hallgrimskirkja Church, the City Hall, the Reykjavik Cathedral, the National Museum, the Old Harbor and many others. Outside the capital, visitors should also visit the Thingvellir National Park, a UNESCO world heritage site, the place of the first parliament in the world and a beautiful area overall. Other cities and cultural highlights include the capital of the north Akureyri, the traditional fishing villages of the coast, the old Viking heritage or the traditional cuisine.

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Map of Iceland
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