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How Long Does It Take to Ship
From the US to the Netherlands?

Ship US to the Netherlands

In modern times, the need and importance of shipments are increasing exponentially. There is always a time when we feel like sending a gift to someone, a business document, a parcel or maybe move our materials from one country to another at the desired time. Shipping is impossible without the shipping companies that we have today. So for successfully shipping your items, you need to get in contact with a shipping company that delivers on time.

If you are living in the USA, wanting to send a gift to your friend in the Netherlands and want to know if your parcel will make before time or not, then we have got you! In the following article, we will give you the subtleties of the time your shipments will arrive in the Netherlands. In this way, perused altogether and boat likewise! So, read thoroughly and send materials accordingly!

Options of Shipping to the Netherlands From the USA

Individuals pick two different ways to send from the Netherlands to the USA. The first path is through ocean cargo and the subsequent one is by the methods for airship cargo. The most essential worry of individuals, when arranging ocean or airship cargo the Netherlands is the span shipments will take to reach. Likely the greatest seaport of the world is the Rotterdam Port, arranged in the Netherlands. So most probably the sea freight shipments from the United States either appear here or at the port of Amsterdam.

Therefore, the first step to successful shipments is selecting whether you want to opt for air freights or sea freights, as the choices of the shipment methods will have a direct effect on your shipment time.

Air freights:
The air freights option of shipping is quick but costly. The time taken to ship items from the US to the Netherlands through a cargo plane might take two to three days approximately. Air freights are simple and do not require much research. You just have to get in contact with an air freight firm and send over your shipments.

Sea freights:
On the other hand, sea or ocean freights take some time to complete shipments but are extremely economical for anyone. However, the shipments through ships might even take several weeks.

Shipments through Sea freight

There are numerous shipments ports in the US that ship all around the globe. People often question that shipping from Netherlands to USA how long? In this way, the hour of transportation to any nation relies on the port the shipment is occurring from. Normally, the shipment time from the United States to the Netherlands is at least eight days to a limit of 53 days.

Factually, the US, after Germany, Belgium, and China, is the fourth-largest supplier to the Netherlands. Among numerous dispatching ports, the best ones of the US that load to the Netherlands are mainly five, which are mentioned below.

Shipments from the US to the Rotterdam Port

If your shipment is from any of these five ports to the Rotterdam port, then the shipment time will be as follows:

  • The Norfolk Port (USA), the time for shipping will be around eight days to fifty days.
  • The Savannah Port (USA) the time taken to ship is usually from eight to fifty-two days.
  • Newark Port (USA) the time taken is approximately nine to forty-nine days.
  • The Charleston Port (USA) will take at least ten and t fifty-three days at most.
  • Los Angeles Port (USA) takes around fourteen to fifty-one days through the sea.

Shipments from the US to the Amsterdam Port

If you are shipping from any of these ports in the USA to the Amsterdam port of the Netherlands, then the shipment time will be:

  • The Norfolk Port (USA) will take from eleven to forty-nine days.
  • The Savannah Port (USA) port will take around nine to fifty-one days
  • The Newark Port (USA) will take nine to forty-eight days.
  • The Charleston Port (USA) will take approximately ten to fifty-two days.
  • The Los Angeles Port (USA) will take from twenty-three to fifty-one days.

Typically, the shipment organizations utilize a 20-40 ft. compartment for ocean cargo. Nonetheless, on the off chance that your material is under 15 m3, at that point you will impart your container with other people under a cargo service. Mostly, such shipment services are entryway to-entryway, and you receive material right at your door. Hence, most of the companies, including the majority of local medical billing companies use sea freights for shipments.


Hopefully, you are now aware of the time shipments from different ports of the United States to the Netherlands are going to take. Now, decide when exactly you want your items to reach the ports of the Netherlands, pick the nearest port in the state, and ship your items.

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