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How to Clean Fabric Luggage

Clean Fabric Luggage

Did you know that US airlines mishandled over 200,000 bags in just a single month in 2022?

Travelers know all too well the abuse their baggage suffers. TSA agents rifle through your belongings and handlers throw your bags. Then they come back covered in tarmac filth and fresh scratches--if they come back at all.

After a long trip, you need to know how to clean fabric luggage. There's a lot of unknown filth in there spreading from your bags to your belongings. And there isn't a soul who doesn't enjoy some clean luggage.

Keep reading for the only luggage cleaning guide you'll ever need.

How to Clean Fabric Luggage: Start With the Lining

First, remove everything from the luggage. There's a good chance you've got an old shampoo or souvenir from a previous trip. Then take out removable pockets, laundry bags, or any other included features. 

Open all zippers and use a vacuum to remove as much dust as possible. Then get one of those disposable wet wipes and wipe down the lining.

Use some soap or detergent and a nice soft cloth to round things out. Wet the cloth and dab on your soap/detergent. Scrub away any dirt, and use extra detergent for pesky stains.

Let the lining dry. If you plan to clean the exterior as well, though, continue to the next step.

Luggage Cleaning Tips for the Exterior of Soft Luggage

The exterior is what takes the brunt of the abuse, especially with a soft case. After your Emirates lost baggage finally makes it back to you, it's accumulated an airport's worth of dust. Germophobes, this will be your favorite part.

First, vacuum out the nooks and crannies for any loose dust. Then find some foaming cleaner, such as car seat or sofa cleaners. Spray the entirety of the exterior until it's foaming white.

Now get a stiff-bristle cleaning brush and go to town. Scrub nice and hard, focusing on any visible stains. Wait approximately 15 minutes before using a vacuum to suck off excess foam.

You can repeat this process as many times as you need for the pesky stains. If it's a grease patch, then introduce dish soap or detergent to remove it. Finally, set your suitcase out to dry under direct sunlight.

Cleaning Luggage Exterior of Hard Materials

Use a soft cloth to remove visible dirt, then a toothbrush to clear residual dirt out of crevices. Be careful not to introduce any more scratches. Find a good leather cleaner, which works fine on hard cases to clean off any grime or dirt.

Depending on the luggage's material, you can use olive oil or trim restorer to fix plastic scuff marks. Be aware that this is messy and wears down the material to make it look new.

Clean Your Luggage Today

For most situations, that's all the luggage cleaning advice you'll need. Now that you know how to clean fabric luggage, you're ready for your neck trip. And when you get back, don't forget to give your bags a good vacuuming and scrub job.

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