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How to Hire an Interpreter for a Citizenship Interview

Hire an Interpreter

A citizenship interview can be an intense and nerve-wracking experience for any immigrant applicant, even more so for those who have trouble understanding and speaking the primary language of the country they want to reside. For an interview to go smoothly and fairly for all, a citizenship interview interpreter is often needed as they serve to facilitate answers, questions, and a general sense of communication without a language barrier proving to be an obstruction. An interpreter for a citizen interview has established importance, acting as a connector between interviewee and interviewer, where baseline communication can be bridged, and the interview can proceed without a hitch. But those who are readying themselves for a citizen interview might ask themselves, how do you go about and hire this type of certified translator?

Find out tips you should follow when hiring an interpreter for a citizenship interview and how an interpreter can assist you during such an imperative meeting.

Importance of finding an interpreter

A citizenship interview is one of the most paramount interviews you can attend that will determine if someone receives citizenship in a certain country or if they will be deported to the country of origin. Because there is a lot relying on this one interview, ensure you're well and properly equipped to articulate and excel at any question you're asked by the interviewer. Although the importance of a certified interpreter during a citizenship interview cannot be understated, in some locations, having an interpreter by your side during this interview is not a recognized right. So, when it comes time to do your interview, since an interpreter might not be provided to you by law, it could be up to you to find an interpreter to assist you.

Having an interpreter to help you during your interview will be able to diminish the language barriers that will be present, as well as provide you with the translations you need concerning various documents that are needed.

Do not rely on friends or family members

While searching for an interpreter to help you during the citizenship interview process, it is not recommended to rely on family or friends–no matter how proficient they are in the required languages. Although you can certainly use bilingual family members and friends to translate and interpret for you in more casual situations, like a dinner or when you're getting your driver's license, there is far too much at risk to have them there for you during a formal obligation–like a citizenship interview. Having a formally trained interpreter with you during the interview is better than a family member as certified interpreters will have the qualified skills that a loved one might not have–skills that can include the ability to listen stringently and to be well-rounded in the vocabulary in both languages.

A well-trained interpreter should have prior experience in helping others during citizenship interviews and will already know what types of questions they will have to translate for you and how the general process will go. Although they might be costly, a trained interpreter will increase your chances of success during your interview while reducing any miscommunications and errors that could arise.

Trusted interpreter

One of the most important factors in hiring an interpreter for your citizenship interview is acquiring someone you can trust. You'll want someone in your interview which can be relied on to interpret interview questions accurately and without mistakes. Predictions and experience will also enhance the trust factor as you'll be able to take solace in the fact that your interview isn't the first one they'll be present for, as they'll have already gained the necessary skills to prove to be an asset to you. You'll also want to ensure your hired interpreter has an open schedule, where nothing will get in the way of your interview, and they'll be on time and on the designated interview date.

How to hire

You can seek out organizations with certified translators and interpreters on hand who are qualified and have an extensive background in interpreting for various circumstances–including a citizenship interview. You can find an interpreter to easily hire through websites like Linkedin, by going to well-known agencies, inquiring through government organizations, or asking family members and friends who have previously done a citizenship interview with the help of an interpreter. To ensure they are reliable and proficiently bilingual, you can call them or schedule a formal, face-to-face meeting and ask them questions about their qualifications and the hire price.

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